Interview: Behind Ubisoft's Aggressive Kinect Holiday Push

Gamasutra: At a recent Kinect-centric Ubisoft event, Gamasutra spoke with Ubisoft SVP of sales and marketing, Tony Key, who said, "By getting in early and doing all those Kinect games, we were building an advantage, and you can see we're not backing off. We've got many more Kinect games than we did last year coming for this holiday."

Key also discussed Ubisoft's unique perspective, explaining what the company has learned one year into the Kinect's life, what the audience looks like right now (it's still primarily male, he says, even with its fitness games), and whether the market is ready for deep "core" games to emerge on the system.

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disturbing_flame2476d ago

Black friday can be Kinect day.

And maybe 3DS too.

For me it's gonna be Uncharted 3 pilgrimage.

coryok2475d ago

"Behind Ubisoft's Aggressive Kinect Holiday Push": money