Battlefield 3 Developer Session (This Is My Joystick)

If there is one game with the most presence and hype around it at Eurogamer this year, it was Battlefield 3. DICE have not only secured themselves a huge floor space, right at the entrance of the over 18′s area of the exhibition, but managed to bag one of the first developer sessions of the weekend, straight after the PS Vita.

Battlefield 3 is clearly fighting tooth and nail to get all the attention this weekend, and so far it has done a damn good job. Not once have I walked past their area on the exhibition floor and there hasn’t been a queue of at least half an hour’s wait

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disturbing_flame2512d ago

Actually the game deserves its hype.

EA and DICE have produced a true challenger to MW3, even if that bothers Pachter, History is on.

hiredhelp2512d ago

Ha ha thats funny the patcher comment.
You right they do deserve it.