Ten Protagonists That Make No Sense At All

"Whether it be failed realism, sci-fi or fantasy, we see a tonne of strange characters show up in gaming. Though their various eccentricities often seem to work in their favour within their various worlds and universes, we have to wonder whether they would be able to exist within the real world. For those who care to ponder such trivial matters, here’s a run down of ten protagonists who’s very existence makes no sense."

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WildArmed2540d ago

Wait a second..?
How did you mix up Dante from Dante's Inferno with Dante from Devil May Cry?
Devil May Cry was originally a sequel to Resident Evil.. it had nothing to do with the divine comedy =/

Krimmson2540d ago

Talk about being desperate to get hits on your website.

Relientk772540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I mean maybe he was lazy and went to Google and just took the first image he saw for the results for Dante lol, which would definitely have Devil May Cry come up first before Dante's Inferno lol

edit: I Google imaged Dante and like the first couple rows atleast are all Dante from DMC

consolez_FTW2540d ago

lol, just another top 10 article from gamingBolt. Plus they couldn't even get the Dante's matched with the right game..Im not giving this site hits anymore..GET SOME ORIGINALITY GAMINGBOLT! jeez, did the people who approved this read it?

Quagmire2540d ago

Hey look, its another 'Top Ten Article from Gamingbolt that makes NO sense at all'.

And either way, Dante from DMC makes no sense at all either.

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Relientk772540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Hah! Slippy from Star Fox, man he was annoying. I just loved shooting him and I loved when he would die in Star Fox 64 lol

And I dont mind that Link from the Legend of Zelda series and Ryu from the Breath of Fire series don't make sense, because they are both amazing video game franchises

WildArmed2540d ago

I treated LoZ as individual games, independent from each other for the most part.. Somewhat like FF but with re-occurring main characters <3

And BoF was just too amazing for me to even worry about it <3

I did lol at the Mario/Luigi and Yuna in FFX-2.
I was soo perplexed about yuna in FFX-2..
Wasn't she like bawling at the end of FFX? And now this? color me confused.

Hicken2540d ago

Yuna, really? Yuna kinda lost her whole reason for being, not just her loved one. She pretty much grew up expecting to sacrifice herself. Her identity crisis, so to speak, mimics Spira's loss of direction with the defeat of Sin and the collapse of Yevon.

As for Ryu, they're all reincarnations, right along with all the Ninas (except for Dragon Quarter, I believe). The Ryu in IV was first, followed by 1, 2, and 3, if I remember correctly. It's all the same world hundreds and/or thousands of years apart.

C'mon, if you're gonna make such a list, at least KNOW the characters you're putting on it.

Zechs342540d ago

Dude you probably just informed & confused about half the readers on this considering FFX-2 came out last gen and BoF is a classic. Good comment though. Bubs up!

Tanir2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

besides the wrong pic of dante, i can name more than 500 games this gen that have protaginist that make no sense

every fps character ever. done

WildArmed2540d ago

In cut-scenes, every bullet will kill you.
In game-play, you are a bullet sponge.
/game success