Tips To Survive The Fall Gaming Season

PushStartSelect: "Fall is upon us and in some states that means no more dreadful summer temperatures. For everyone that means awesome video games are releasing! Yes this is the blockbuster months of video games, but unlike movies it’s a bit more costly for us to check them all out. With games costing 60 dollars with a 12 percent tax added on top of it, I can hardly afford it myself! So with that in mind I decided to help you guys with some ideas for getting all this year’s releases!"

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LOGICWINS2481d ago

"Well Redbox makes it easier on us. Instead of being forced to buy a membership for a month, or shelling out 10 plus dollars to rent a game for a week, we can simply try a game out for two bucks a night. Let’s face it. Some games coming out this fall will simply have a 5 hour campaign, and you may just want to see what the online is like before you buy it. Rent it, play a few rounds, and make sure it’s for you."

How will that work for games with online passes?

Soldierone2479d ago

Question was answered in the paragraph right below this :P