How To Unlock Rage's High Resolution Textures With A Few Simple Tweaks shows you how to enable Rage's high resolution textures in five minutes flat with a quick and easy tweak. We also show the in-game fidelity of each texture setting and speculate as to why the automatic quality doodad doesn't work as well as it should.

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AndyB2508d ago

Good game, and now great graphics ;)

jwan5842508d ago

8K textures look pretty darn good.

MGRogue20172508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Just did it & I don't really notice a difference tbh..

AndyB2508d ago

As the article says, there isn't much of a change, or any change in the enclosed, small areas. To see the difference you need to go into high-detail outdoor areas. Check out the images in the article, there really is a difference.

poo3429472947922508d ago

Game is fun with tweeks looks nice too thing is I want SLI support my one 580 is all sad that his friend can't play :(

Johnny_Cojones2508d ago

Agreed, my 590 feels like his left nut has been blown off.

Hassassin2508d ago

590 8==D
590 in RAGE o==D

CRAGE1872508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

The game has a few areas that from far away could almost pass for nice. The problem is go into one of their dungeons. Go to a town. Look at a wall, a static object.

Please just stop posting fixes. The only fix will be a Texture pack from ID, A apology from ID, and a refund.

"If you have 3GB of Video RAM, you can modify the configuration file’s first four lines to end with 16384, instead of 8192, which will enable Rage’s 16K textures, though as we don’t have a suitably-equipped GPU to hand we cannot offer any guarantees as to the game’s stability or visual fidelity when using this modification. Update: We have now tested the 16384 configuration on a 3GB GeForce GTX 580 and can detect no improvements in any of our tests over the use of 8192."

game was compressed a few fold. Thats why no difference.

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