Payday: The Heist Game Designer Discusses Slaughterhouse and Overkill

Simon Viklund, one of the game designers on Payday: The Heist, takes us through one of the more difficult missions in Payday, Slaughterhouse. He discusses the leveling and reputation system in the game as well as extraction missions. Viklund explains the “custody” concept, where gamers can trade hostages to get back players who are taken into custody by police.

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shadowknight2032510d ago

I really hope it launches with little to no bugs. Day 1 buy for me and the fact that they delayed it a bit longer better have been worth it - I just wanna play it now!

Berserk2510d ago

I feel you bro, thinking the same thing. Cant wait for the game. Dark souls will keep me busy in the meantime ;D

Bags_BuzzFocus2510d ago

Dark Souls is great! Excellent follow-up to the original.

cbclerk2509d ago

Cool interview and Slaughterhouse baby...