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Mass Effect Doesn't Live Up to its Hype

Matt Peckham of PCW writes:

"Beautifully rendered with an above-average plot, Bioware's new sci-fi epic for the Xbox 360 still turns out to be a disappointingly overhyped encore to Microsoft's main holiday act in gaming, Halo 3."

Click on each image at source for detailed review. (Mass Effect, Xbox 360) 60/100

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BigKev45  +   2814d ago
HAHA dumb article
Hey Matt Peckham, let's see you make a game!
mesh1  +   2814d ago
Twizlex  +   2814d ago
Matt Peckham of PCW writes:

"I'm a tool. Someone please kill me for being such a moron."

You got it, Matt.
Feihc Retsam  +   2814d ago
Matt who... of what?
Oh, Matt Peckman, of PC World... of course...
We've all been waiting for this review...

And as for all of these claims of "Over Hyped"

The only hype that was generated was from people who got to play some early builds of the game.

This game is not plastered all over the television like Halo 3 was. If you don't read up on games online, you may not even know about this one.

So, maybe Mr. Peckerhead just overhyped it in his own little head, but from what I've heard, the game delivers exactly what was promised.
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Wii60_FTW  +   2814d ago
HAhahahahAHAHAa this loser dreams of a PC game as good as Mass Effect. PC games are for nerds who play sim city all day lmao.
marinelife9  +   2814d ago
It seems weird that a supposedly reputable publication would write such an article. Didn't seem like he liked anything about the game. They must be trying to draw web traffic.

I really don't understand why he even bothered to write the article if he wasn't even going to attempt to be objective.
lawman1108  +   2814d ago
16 pages? for a bad review? now that dude really is a TOOL
Even if that was the world's best review of that game I would not read past 16 words never mind 16 pages. What a BORE
Fezthebest  +   2814d ago
okay i have to say that is the lamest review. This game wasn't hyped up like Halo 3 ( i think someone lese said this too) or even hyped a little at all.

@ 1.4 WOW true fanboy, im pretty sure you've heard of Crysis, hey oh did you know PC fans also get to play Gears of War, SHadowrun, Halo2, soon Halo3,BIoshock which are all 360 games. so in your words that means all those gammes would suck too, cause you know PC sucks.
toughNAME  +   2814d ago
I guess Microsoft forgot to pay off PC World


i swear to god sony boys you need to get out of the 360 section
who would agree wqith my stupid comment?
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MK_Red  +   2814d ago
PC World reviewing a console game (360 here) and saying it doesn't live up to it's

Also, they definitly haven't played a classic RPG like Fallout that has lots of dialogue and speechskills and dialogue decisions play important roles in history. Heck they didn't even understand the true nature of game and design let alone it's genre...
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Dlacy13g  +   2814d ago
You nailed it. The whole nature of an RPG is.....wait for it...wait for it..... ROLE PLAYING!!!!

Stupid tards at PCWorld obviously have forgotten that. They Probably are too busy running around WOW killing repetative creature after creature in an effort to level up while socializing with their online buddies about everything under the sun except the game....and somehow think that WOW is what a Role Playing Game experience should be.

+bubble ;)
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jcgamer  +   2814d ago
@MK Red
yeah, you nailed it...bubbles up bro...
MK_Red  +   2814d ago
Thanks my friends. Bubbles for both of you :)

Dlacy13g, good one about WoW. The review/article has missed the point entirely.
It seems that most PC gamers have forgotten about PC's true classic RPGs like Planescape Torment, Baldur's Gate and Fallout 1&2.
Loopy  +   2814d ago
Your comment is just silly.
The PC has been the the building block of RPG. Video games RPG started on the PC because at the time, PC's weren't powerful enough to display graphics, even as lame as the NES 8 Bit.
Fallout was born on PC, and you're saying PC World never tried Fallout? Don't make me laugh. Tim Cain did a great job on it, but the sequels really lost its touch.

FYI, not every BioWare games are good. Planescape Torment was great. KOTOR and Jade Empire are crap. But that's my opinion, and I perfectly know how highly people think of KOTOR.

So is Mass Effect any good? I don't know, but it doesn't mean you can't respect someone's opinion.

You want a really good RPG? Try Disgaea on ps2 or psp. Fun, addictive, without even the slightest use of gore (of which you seem to adore)...
MK_Red  +   2814d ago
Loopy, I know Fallout is a PC game but just read the review. It's obviously from someone who hasn't played classc and real PC RPGs except from WoW as Dlacy13g.
As for BioWare, I do agree that not every game from them is great. Jade Empire wasn't great enough IMO and I personally don't like Neverwinter Nights but Mass Effect is seriously close to their masterpiece Baldur's Gate 2.

The reason I attacked this review is because:
1. It mostly sounds like Eurogamer's review of NWN2 that gave it 5/10 and sounded more like a rant against PC RPG and D&D rather than a review which force the site to do a re-review.
2. You said it yourself: PC World IS a PC magazine. What is it doing with a console game? Should PS3 Fanboy review Crysis and WoW? Should TeamXbox review Neverwinter Nights and Company of Heroes?
Wii60_FTW  +   2814d ago
I want bubbles too???
Skemo  +   2814d ago
He does have a point though when he says that ME is a poor RPG in terms of the evolution of the genre. I've played it, and needless to say its good, but not great. Slowdown is rampant, the load-times are horrible, and the dialogue (not the voice acting) is campy and overproduced.

In the end its a poor RPG, but a good squad-based third person shooter. If you're looking for the next great RPG, move along, if you're looking for a solid game that is enjoyable, but not earth-shattering, then by all means pick it up.
Dlacy13g  +   2814d ago
And so I sit pondering a couple of things...
First off, like a recent article I read through here suggested regarding Assassins Creed "There is always some reviewer looking to be 'that guy' that gives a low negative score to a great game". Well it looks like this person from PCWorld is that reviewer.

Secondly and MOST importantly imo....why should we care about what PCWorld has to say about a console game? Why are they even doing a review for a console? Are PC games hurting that bad that a PC mag is resorting to reviewing console games for readership? I just dont get it?

But I guess it really doesnt matter, because EVERY other review on this game has been saying "brilliant". So again why should we care what PCWorld has to say about the potential GOTY by many accounts?
IceVenti  +   2814d ago
"why should we care about what PCWorld has to say about a console game? Why are they even doing a review for a console? Are PC games hurting that bad that a PC mag is resorting to reviewing console games for readership?"

agree + bubble
MK_Red  +   2814d ago
"There is always some reviewer looking to be 'that guy' that gives a low negative score to a great game", sad and true fact, great comment :)

Assassins was victim of those attention seekers and now ME is victim of this stupid review. PC World reviewing a console game is wrong enough let alone the score.
razer  +   2814d ago
Ok whatever..
Tell that to all the console oriented reviewers giving it 9's and 10's and many already claiming GOTY. Who gives a crap what a PC gaming site has to say.

Sounds to me like sour grapes. I was able to pick the game up on Sunday and got to play a few hours on it.. It's a fantastic game and I would say it's like Oblivion in space but with much better combat.

I would score it a 9.5

EDIT @5.1: Yes, maybe you missed that many stores broke the street date and since I had a pre-order I was able to pick it early. I don't know why they decided to let me pick it up early, but I'm not going to argue with it.
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IceVenti  +   2814d ago
you have a game thats supposed to come out tomorrow? teach me magic please....unless you got it from a local game store and not a major retailer, then magic lessons wont be needed

[edit]"I was able to pick it early"
so jealous...i hate you....i have to wait and youre playin it...i hate you alot... ='[
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Bill Gates  +   2814d ago
This game SUCKS!!!!

razer  +   2814d ago
You're just JEALOUS!

Capt CHAOS  +   2814d ago
Welcome to my ignore list.
TheMART  +   2814d ago
Actually it does live up its hype


93% now and going up (from 92% first)
IceVenti  +   2814d ago
dont worry about this article
its from PC world..they act like they know about consoles
snittolo  +   2814d ago
Hopefully This Doesn't Blow Up Like The Gamespot Review
I wonder if this review will blow over compared to the Gamespot fiasco a few weeks ago.
kalistyles  +   2814d ago
a 60 out of 100. That's a low blow right there. Considering the other scores.
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   2814d ago
low blow?..nah
PCworld so desperate for games that they need to review games for CONSOLES...thats a low blow
xionpunk  +   2814d ago
Whatever, ME looks awesome, and is one of the games that I wish was on PS3 (oh well).
SlippyMadFrog  +   2814d ago
I wish all PS3 owners could be as mature as you
poopface1  +   2813d ago
I know how you feel but
I have a 360 and want MGS4 not M.E. I wish we could trade.
MK_Red  +   2814d ago
Well, sites tried getting attention by giving low scores of 5 and 6 to Assassins and it worked since most ignorant gamers actually believed their lies and helped the traffic of those sites.
Now this one is trying to get the same attention and traffic by giving low score to another masterpiece.
va_bank  +   2814d ago
I'm glad you liked AC...
...because I couldn't play it. Returned 2 days later. Check the UBI boards to hear the real negatives about that game.

I think the reviews WERE bullshit, when they talked about not liking the story, repetitiveness, etc., - those things are a matter of taste and should not be judged.

What all reviews failed to mentioned is that software quality of AC is on par with a community college project in programming 101 class. I have never been more disappointed or upset over a game in many years (I'm a relatively old guy)
TheMART  +   2814d ago
PC gamers feel a bit left out maybe about getting Gears of War one year later???

Need to take a dump on a major 360 game because the PC gamers number is decreasing in favour of the consoles?
MK_Red  +   2814d ago
Mart, this is not about PC gamers. There are more than few great PC users who are true gamers and appreciate a great game.
This is just one reviewer trying to get attention by giving a low score to a superb gam.
Ri0tSquad  +   2814d ago
haha PCworld.com says this.........
Now I'm really not buying this game........NOT

There probaly saying this so the PC gamers that spent 2000 on a gaming computer don't feel left out on a AAA game on a 300 system.
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Whoooop  +   2814d ago
Have you guys noticed!!
That both Uncharted & ME gamespot reviews are awol????

I think they are actually playing the whole game this time around before giving reviews...

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fopums  +   2814d ago
god I hope so, but they will find some reason to dock Uncharted Im certain.

and wtf are these guys trying to prove? that crysis is better then Mass Effect? sure its prettier but Mass Effect has garned quite a few high scores, maybe gamespot will give ME 13/10 to compensate xD
kss reincarnation  +   2814d ago
still would like to have it for my ps3 though...
ukilnme  +   2814d ago
He is entitled to his opinion of the game.
For those of us that disagree we can move on and enjoy the game.
BloodySinner  +   2814d ago
Yes, he is. However, when you consider the source, he doesn't have much credibility.
MK_Red  +   2814d ago
If I wanted opinions, I could ask people on forums or on chat or try a blog. A review site / source is supposed to give a professional review not a personal one.
BIoodmask  +   2814d ago
Some people
are just desperate to bash something that is doing well. It reminds of the sites that were bashing Super Mario Galaxy.

RPG is my favorite genre, and I have confidence in Bioware. They haven't let me down yet. KOTOR is one of my favorite RPGs ever, and Mass Effect looks to follow in its tradition. One thing is for sure, and that is Bioware has a very talented writing staff and delivers on a great story line in their games.

People should just remember that a review is usually just one person's opinion so it really isn't a big deal anyway.
kenjix  +   2814d ago
Wow an honest review of a 360 Game!
Wow and these issues have been pointed out by every review, so he must be crazy right?
wil4hire  +   2814d ago
Why is this getting so much backlash?
All reviewers have said the same exact thing about Mass Effect, they just ignored all of it and still gave it a good score.

As it stands, ME is a good game. With a ton of technical issues, and it really shows how the 360 is at the end of its run graphically. Its hardware is getting framedrops/popin/tearing/terri ble-ai for one of its most EPIC titles. The 360 clearly can't handle this game. Running down long hallways to load? Come on now.

@ Themart:

"Oh yeah right. You're saying one bad review is to be trusted more then multiple other ones with an average rating of 93% at the moment?"

Is that what I am saying? Really? Why don't you read what I said. Nevermind I'll explain it to you again...

I said PC world has said what every review has said. Why don't you actually read them versus looking at scores and run around town waving your xbot flag. PC world is getting guff because it said the same thing every other review has said... yet didnt' give it a positive outlook/score.

PCworld should be trusted? No review site should be "trusted" its just to be taken with a grain of salt.

Again, as I said before.. It really doesn't matter when this game is getting AAAAAAA'S across the board. Even with all of the technical issues and terrible AI.

ME whether you read reviews or not is going to be a good game I am sure.

But why care what PCworld says? Everyone else is giving this one AAAAAA+ even with technical screw ups.
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TheMART  +   2814d ago
Oh yeah right. You're saying one bad review is to be trusted more then multiple other ones with an average rating of 93% at the moment?

Come on. Don't fool yourself. THere won't be 10 or 20 reviewers that would all be paid by MS and they only forgot one, do you???

ukilnme  +   2814d ago
This is another rare occasion that I actually agree with you but I am still going to buy this one.
predator  +   2814d ago
PC WORLD- the name ses it all

Mass effect goty
wil4hire  +   2814d ago
"On the other hand, save for the old "multiple-different-endin gs" shtick developers have been trotting out like a reward for enduring linear gameplay for decades, choosing different responses in Mass Effect merely unlocks alternative dialogue choices that shape the narrative tone but virtually none of the game mechanics. Play Mass Effect more than once and, while you can unlock tougher difficulty settings that make the abbreviated action sequences more punitive, you'll still have the same story experience, start to finish."

"You can tell where the design team's gameplay emphasis was, when the character models are this highly developed, and it certainly makes sense when the camera spends most of its time zoomed on chatty heads."

"Don't mistake Mass Effect for the next phase of BioWare's trademark story-driven approach. It's not, and while it's certainly a visual sight to behold, Mass Effect isn't the play-driven evolution over Knights of the Old Republic that BioWare said it would be. In an effort to simplify the gameplay and presumably engage a broader audience with an admittedly first-rate story, the system trades tactical complexity for simplified real-time combat that's as dull as the average blaster-battle looks in some B-movie equivalent. The action is endlessly interrupted. Scripted break-ins might as well be ripping the controller out of your hand, forcing you down this or that plot chute with nothing to do but react to your newfound circumstances. Even archetypically parallel developers like Square Enix know enough to include dozens of mini-games and superior tactical combat to break up the monotony of running and talking and relentless handholding."

So much for Epic story with multiple endings.


@ Guy under me

Yeah I am bored, waiting for the renderfarm to finish my frames so that I can composite them.
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jcgamer  +   2814d ago
you seem bored AGAIN...go make a sandwich or something...
actas123  +   2814d ago
Hey mate
You actually make alot of sense. But, sometimes, words are better kept unsaid..
nobizlikesnowbiz  +   2814d ago
Wow your pathetic. You put so much effort into your hate it's ridiculous.
Silver Bull3t  +   2814d ago
Dude will you just stfu already and quit spamming every ME thread!

Doesn't your mom have some dishes for you to wash or something???
pacman615  +   2814d ago
mass effect for rrod trap ...60$

xbots still waiting for chitbox to get back from repairs .... 33% of them

when xbots pop in this game and find out how lame it is....priceless

for everyother game in life there is ....PLAYSTATION 3

edit: keep those disagrees coming baby....and @ ps3 pwns 360...thank god it will be the only one worth tasting =)~
#22 (Edited 2814d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
ukilnme  +   2814d ago
You have failed. Now move on troll.
IceVenti  +   2814d ago
see that ninja gaiden on ur avatar
thats from sigma right?..you better hold on to that and cherish every moment of it because thats the only taste youll have with ninja gaiden
Silver Bull3t  +   2814d ago
birth control
Get your nutz outta your mouth and try making sense. Proper grammar will only make you (impossibly) look smarter.
xav0971  +   2814d ago
this is the worst
review I've ever read. All the guy said was that the graphics was good but everything else crap. Never ever let someone review a RPG that hates RPG! I question if this reviewer even played the game.
power of Green  +   2814d ago
Its honest because its bad news right? tell your dumb ass buddies to stop spamming 360 threads with the same rehashed points. "MSFT pays reviewers" you pathetic gothic angry sub culture piss ants get worse and worse every day. Go
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OOG FunK  +   2814d ago
my question would be why the hell would a pc site review a console game.........lol ah well
Merritt  +   2814d ago
I have the game. I'm not a big fan of it. I would say a 60 is pretty harsh, I'd give an 8 out of 10.
Marceles  +   2814d ago
60/100 LOL...
Does Wil4hire work for PCWorld?
titntin  +   2814d ago
It is amusing how so many people leap to the defence of a game that they probably haven't played! :)

I've been playing this for 5 days now - and I've gone from 'this is the best thing I've ever played' to 'OK, its seriously flawed, but still beutiful'.

I do love this title and think its clearly an 8.5 or even a 9 title.
But harsh though it is, every single thing the guy says in his review is totally true. As sublime as the converstation system is, in almost all cases it takes you to exactly the same scenario. The graphics do glitch - constantly. The game is certainly unfinished. I've literally just finsihed a confrontataion I had to restart 4 times, because the gun battle glitched so often leaving my character unable to do anything and looking like he was in 'paper mario' with the enimies too dumb to finish off my starngely contorted body and at least give me a restart option. These kind of glitches should not be present in a polished and finished title.

Was he Harsh? Yes. But anyone who has played this title for a long period of time will recognise the ring of truth in what he is saying.

I still think this game is masterful - but its a flawed master piece and people will, and should, point out the problems and issues, cause lots of people will be left cold...

When people call it as they see it, you really shouldn't act they just kicked your pet dog... :)
mesh1  +   2814d ago
u sir are a next gen kid u dont knwo anythiong about bioware rpgs haha ur a kid i have th egame also and its mind blowing
titntin  +   2814d ago
Haha! How pathetic is that vitrilioc reply???

My post was actually very complimentary about a game I really enjoy.
Not that it should matter, but I'm actually a 44 year old game developer who's been making games for 16 years and has owned and played just about everything since gaming was invented. That includes all biowares previous efforts - Jade Empire is one of my favourite xbox 1 games.

I think its pretty obvious who a kid around here.. :)
GrumpyOla  +   2814d ago
After playing the game for 5 days, do you feel that there's alot of dialogue? I haven't got game yet, but the only thing that's worrying me from what I've read so far about the game that there is a lot of dialogue.
titntin  +   2814d ago
Yes mate - dialougue is the very essence of the game. First and foremost this game is a story and all that talking is the very soul of the game. Its done very well, and the voice acting is good and the characters are better developed than many you will find in a video game. If you want to buy it for the 'action gun touting' scenes - don't!
The gun play is servicable, but seriously flawed if you were to compare it to any FPS - seriously. Theres great deal more inventory management required too - which may put off some more action orientated gamers, but I'm comfortable with it. This game is many things, but its definately still for people who play RPG's. If you don't like this kind of narritive driven game, then you won't like it.
crank  +   2814d ago
Yes, we have all known for some time that mesh is quasi-retarded and most of us simply don't care.

Dictionary mesh, dictionary, didn't mother tell you to keep up on your studies?


Good mesh, good.
BLACKJACK VII  +   2814d ago
Looks pretty good to me
Maestro  +   2814d ago
Well, the game has some good reviews, but is nothing and I mean nothing compared to that other game that has the best reviews ever.
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