Two Worlds 2: Pirates of the Flying Fortress Review | The Controller Online

Scott from The Controller Online writes: "Reality Pump’s cult hit Action RPG is getting an expansion pack and we’re ready to dive right in. Only, we can’t quite figure out how. Oh, there it is. So to start the expansion, which uses your existing character, you need to hit New Game? Ok, now that we have that straightened out let’s get to it. Pirates of the Flying Fortress is a standalone adventure in a new area with all new, fully explorable islands, but is it worth the hefty 2400 Point ($29.99) price tag?"

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gameguidedog2508d ago

Most DLC Addons are never going to be worth 29.99, that's a full game price. They must be nuts, or expect their fanbase is.

aawells072508d ago

The guy has alot of points that i would agree with but i feel it should have gotten a lil higher score as its not a bad game or anything it may not be worth 30 bucks but its still not terrible by no means. I think Two worlds2 was a great game but really this expansion proly should have been a lil cheaper.