The New iPhone 4S: Game Changer?

Ted Pollak, Senior Gaming Analyst at Jon Peddie Research, had mixed feelings about the Apple announcement's impact on the gaming industry. “You can make the images look very nice, but if you want anything beyond tilt and turn and drag for gaming you need an ergonomic multidimensional controller that has triggers and buttons and joysticks. For casual games the smartphones are fine but when it comes to making headway into traditional gaming, smartphones aren't making too much of an impact. I think enthusiasm for using smartphones as a hardcore gaming platform will be limited until there are better control options.”

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Sinner101GR2477d ago

with dual core processors and the app store. Sure, why not?

dragunrising2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Frankly I'm very disapointed by the iPhone 4s. It has the same body chasis as the iPhone 4 and lacks 4G. Upgraded specs aren't going to change the types of games that work best with a touch screen device or a screen that small.

If Apple really wanted the iPhone 4s to be a better game device they could have at least increased the size of the screen. 3.5 inches is too small in a world where most Android top tier phones start at 4 inches. What's the point of playing a game when your fingers obstruct half the screen? Games play much better on the iPad and phones with larger screens. The only solution I can think of is a hardware/gamepad add on- made by Apple and adopted by the masses.

I really wanted to like the next iPhone, however the phone is underwhelming compared to the Galaxy SII and all of the Android superphones coming out. With all the great games that make it to iOS its a shame. Apple dropped the ball.

Christopher2477d ago

I think they need to stop harping on the lack of non-touch screen controls. These are smart phones, not dedicated gaming devices. That doesn't mean they can't have good games or make improvements to improve the level of gaming one can do with the device(s). There are some hardcore games that truly shine on touch screen devices, though, such as old school FF games and tower defense games.

Wintersun6162476d ago

We will stop harping on the lack of controls when people stop saying that Vita and 3DS are doomed because "smartyphones have gamezor, herpderp".

I have no problem with speaking of phones as devices which can give you casual time killing games, but what I have a problem with are the articles that are basically saying that Vita and 3DS are doomed because phones have games with decent graphics. These articles are ridiculous and obviously not very well thought out.

And I'd like to mention that I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and a handful of games on it. But none of those games are anywhere near the experience I will have with PS Vita and my desire to get Vita hasn't been diminished at all by these games.

Christopher2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

***We will stop harping on the lack of controls when people stop saying that Vita and 3DS are doomed because "smartyphones have gamezor, herpderp". ***

It's that mentality that keeps these stupid 'wars' going. Screw what people on the Internet, with their extremist views, think. Speak for your own beliefs at all times and not against those who post the annoying articles that ignore basic concepts with the device(s) in question.

Personally, both a smartphone and a DS and PSP/PS Vita hold a place in my heart and in my life. One more for gaming, but both do provide me gaming experiences that make me happy.

Wintersun6162476d ago

That's what I've been trying to say all along. Though sometimes frustration takes over and I come out saying things pretty harshly, but what I've been trying to say is that when it comes to games, phones and handheld consoles are targeting very different markets.

A phone with fun small games is a good choice for a casual gamers with no time or desire to play games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss on the go or at home on a handheld, and also for hardcore gamers like me who sometimes want to spend that 5-15 minutes for some quick casual gaming. But as I've said multiple times already, that experience is not nearly enough to put out my desire to get a Vita for a full-fledged hardcore gaming experience anywhere I want. And that is mostly because of the lack of good controls and software support on phones. And I'm sure that most if not every hardcore gamer agrees with me on that one. So in my eyes there's no need to lay off on saying these things until those ridiculous articles stop popping up like a persistent herpes.

And believe me, it's the same for me, I too have had my moments of enjoyment from playing on my smartphone. I'm just fighting against these ridiculous windmills when someone doesn't understand the differences between hardcore and casual games.

Kamikaze1352477d ago

As cool as it will be, it will just be another iPhone.

Bathyj2477d ago



smashcrashbash2477d ago

Sorry, unless a smart phone can make a game that doesn't get boring in about 20-30 minutes, no sale. I can play GOW3 and UC2 for hours and I get bored of phone games in 10 minutes. No hardcore gamer depends on a phone only for gaming.

hiredhelp2477d ago

Have some respect dude.
mean while buy bad company 2. other good games if you look hard enough.


Where was him being disrespectful? He said what gets him bored... He's basing his statements with his opinion, no cussing, not offending anyone, not acting like the owner of the truth... I don't get it.

hiredhelp2476d ago

Yeh soz Kamikaze135
Bad morning ignore me. ;)

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