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GameBlurb, "Let’s face it, there has always been a bit of an achievement hunter in all of us. Until just a few months ago I was one as well, and my achievement sabbatical has encouraged me to think of the worst achievements out there. Even ones that seasoned achievement hunters won’t want to see. Here’s a list of types that range from irritating, exhausting, even to impossible."

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DankJemo2509d ago

Haha, nice read. I feel like a lot of games just make the achievements so easy they are pointless. "congratulations, you get an achievement for picking up this item that you cannot possibly miss!"

I think timed achievements are my all-time hated type. A development team builds what we hope is a nice looking game for us to take our time and go through, then they attach a time limit to it? Unless you're into speed runs, this is just silly.

jriquelme_paraguay2509d ago

dont read the list but for me:
1-Win X matches in ranked match (online in creappy games)
2-Collectibles (useless like Thermos wtf, not like Bubbleheads)
3-Dont Do X thing in the whole game
4-Win the game in X time

JBaby3432509d ago

I agree with you except for collectibles. I love going around and getting the collectibles. I hate all online trophies since I generally like SP more than MP. The only ones I was ok with were the Uncharted 2 trophies where you just had to play a Co-op game and a Competitive game. Just so people can at least try it but not have to spend all their waking time on it.

banjadude2509d ago

#4 makes me very angry, too!

TalkingTrees2509d ago

I agree with this article. The collectible achievements are the worst. It's sad that a majority of games these days require you to do so in order for you to get all the achievements.

CynicalVision2509d ago

Flower had some strange ones - 'You have earned a trophy: Pause the game for 10 minutes'.

I generally dislike online trophies, I've got around 2-3 games that I've yet to 100% complete because I just don't want the hassle of playing online.

Szarky2509d ago

I hated that flower trophy but it must have been funny for people to get it that actually did leave the games menu open for 10 minutes without touching the controller. Imagine the surprise, just hearing that trophy "ding" when you're doing something completely different.

Pikajew2509d ago

I never do timed achievements. In "And Yet It Moves" you get an achievement for playing for 3 and a half hours with out quitting.

2509d ago
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