The Evolution of id Tech Over The Years: Doom 3 vs RAGE

GR - "The engines of id Tech have advanced over the years, bringing us better graphics and capabilities with every iteration. We take a look at how these games evolved over the years."

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kutocer2507d ago

Even today Doom 3 still looks great. iD have always pushed it with their games and I can't wait for Rage to unlock on Friday.

meetajhu2507d ago

Rage is extremely good looking game but there so many textures in the game that every place is unique. Hope they release high res texture pack soon.

SantistaUSA2507d ago

Can't wait til I get home tonight, gonna play rage on pc for the first time :)

kutocer2507d ago

Darn you I have to wait till 2mo as I'm in the UK :(

Bolts2507d ago

That 2 months wait will be well worth it. The game will be done with it's paid beta by then.

admiralthrawn872507d ago

i just want another quake and doom 4