Ten Reasons We're Excited for Uncharted 3

GameZone's Stephanie Carmichael is excited for Uncharted 3, and she lists ten reasons why she is. Some of the reasons are the Penny Arcade poster, the female leads, and the multiplayer.

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disturbing_flame2476d ago

1 reason for me : its own universe.

When i play Uncharted i'm like a child watching an adventure movie. Tons of different situations, different landscapes, and a story plot that is fun and mysterious.

Recently i've rererererewatched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade that kind of movie that makes you feeling good after watching it, that put dreams in your mind and that makes you wonder why you did not go in a foreign exotic country the last holyday season. To me uncharted is the same trip.

lance422476d ago

You hit the nail on the head. The game's universe is so engaging and unique.

darthv722476d ago

and i havent finished 1 or 2 yet. I have been playing them alternately. These are some of the best involving games I have played this gen. Can't wait for #3.

athmaus2476d ago

I couldnt agree more...that iswhy i am getting it!

2476d ago
Gamer30002476d ago

bec the day
is my B-day

clearelite2476d ago

It's coming out soon and that's a good reason.

Tarantino_Life2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Love Uncharted!! Drake is prob one of the only few characters this gen that I wish was real and that I could meet! Damn imagine going on a treasure hunt with this group! ND has this uncanny knack of creating such brilliant chemistry between two characters in a matter of minutes which would otherwise take hours for other lesser developers and in other so called open world games where you have to play for 20-25 hours to feel attached. The moment the banter between Drake and Elena started in the first UC it was sealed for me.I cared for them immediately inspite of not knowing their history. That is talent right there. These things are not so easy to do in a medium like ours!

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