Dane Cook, Celebs Choosing Modern Warfare 3 Over Battlefield 3

Dane Cook and other celebs talk gaming at the RAGE launch party, weighing in on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3.

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Hufandpuf2480d ago

Dane cook knows and worked with the COD team for years. The two other guys had video game knowledge but I doubt they ever played a BF game.

Fishy Fingers2480d ago

Does it even matter? Some friends of mine, die-hard gamers (what ever that maybe) are more excited for COD than BF and... well thats it. They like what they like, I like what I like, you like what you like. Life goes on, they're computer games.

Hufandpuf2480d ago

Didn't say anything about what I like.

Fishy Fingers2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Nor did I. I didnt think my comments context was confusing but basically....

Like/enjoy whatever you want and it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks or likes. This isnt a serious matter, it's games.

JohnnyMann4202480d ago

Yeah well I think Dane Cook is a complete tool and not funny.

Also, since when has he been a celebrity eh?

Jack-DangerousIy2480d ago

I understood exactly what you meant the first time I read it.

I think some people just assume that everybody on here is a jerk and automatically read comments as if they're insults. Instead of reading the actual contents of the comment.

You make a good point and I completely agree with you.

darthv722480d ago

choosing guitar hero or rock band. I like them both but I lean more towards guitar hero because of the simplicity of picking up and playing.

It doesnt mean it is the better technical of the two it just means I can get into it quicker and enjoy it without having to rethink the play mechanics.

Ok that may have been a bad analogy but you get the idea.

aCasualGamer2480d ago

The day i choose a game over another based on what celeb-"gamers" play is the day all of you are getting the permission to blow my brains out.

Hufandpuf2480d ago


That is the best comparison between the two games I have ever heard, seriously. But then you have to look at who got canceled (guitar hero).

guitarded772480d ago

Only frat boys think Dane Cook is funny... they also think Bud Light is good beer, so I could give a piss what the guy thinks.

darthv722480d ago

bud light may not be as good a light beer as others but they sure do have some funny commercials.

bangoskank2480d ago


Agreed that bud is adjunct piss.
Try La Fin Du Monde. One of the best beers in the world.

Nac2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

@Fishy Fingers

While I do agree with you that we should respect people's opinion, I disagree we should chalk it up as "it's just games." This medium goes beyond entertaining and branches out into people's passion, jobs, interests, etc... Don't disrespect the medium as being "just games," it's not "just" anything. Is this a serious matter? No. Is it a serious medium? Yes.

AzaziL2480d ago

I tried getting a few of my friends into battlefield, they hated it. Sad thing is black ops was the only game they've played in the last year, literally...

These types of gamers can be thrown in the same category as the female gamers that only play farmville or the music lover that only listens to mainstream rap, they like whatever is popular regardless of how crappy it all is.

SAE2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

are you a muslim ?.. :)
because the way you said the last sentence is like the quran XD...

i like it :P ,it's a good advice..

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WANNAGETHIGH2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

People love to hate whats popular. Lady gaga,justin biber,lil wayne,niki minja,britney spears...e.t.c some of the most popular artist are hated on daily online. Just how Cod is hated on daily on game blogs because its more popular than there fav game. I bet if BF sells 20million and its very popular with the causal crowd people will jump ships to the next thing that is not popular. then when its popular they move on...The trend goes on!!!.

Its really sad, we fans enjoy Cod games and we like the fast paced arcade arcade gameplay so y change what the fans love?K. Pls tell me what Military FPS has innovation, last time i checked majority of FPS are all the same. Tell me what innovation BF is bringing to the table,If u call destruction innovation then ur head is in ur ass because i have played other games i have blown up buildings E.G Black on PS2.

Well i expect more ignorant bias comments from BF fanboys,Its nothing new. Just another day on N4G.

MysticStrummer2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Triumph of the lowest common denominator. Hooray. OT - Is the headline supposed to make me want to buy MW3? If so... *searches soul*... nope... not working.

FunkMcnasty2479d ago

.. They should be hated daily! Again, just my opinion, but those artists aren't musicians or entertainers.. they are PRODUCTS. they are generated by giant corporations who study demographics and target audiences and then thrive on homogeny in the entertainment industry. People like the artists you mentioned are groomed and made up to sell music that they probably didn't even write, because they have that certain "something" that brings in dollar signs, whether its looks, shock-value, or they're really popular with junior high girls. You probably know people from your hometown who can shred on the guitar or can sing like a superstar, but there's a reason they're not selling records, and it's probably because they're not young and/or pretty.

Sorry for the off topic rant, but as a musician this pop-music/pop-culture stuff hits close to home.

ON TOPIC: I love CoD, and I do plan on picking up MW3, but definitley not a Day one purchase for me. Battlefield? Day one the minute the store opens. Furthermore, I could care less what Hollywood "celebrities" think about any videogame. The opinion of people who's ego's are generally bigger than my house are meaningless to me. And Dane Cook's not funny.

BeardedPriest2479d ago

I don't know why people are disagreeing with you... Seriously. I am not a fanboy... for example i got 2.0 K/D ratio on the BF3 beta and MW2... I am crazy about both... I still play Bad company 1 on ps3... But the fact of the matter is people hate whats popular... MW3 don't look much better than MW2 and in all seriousness BF3 don't look a thousand times better than BC2, some say BC2 looks better than the BF3 beta. Gimme my disagrees, I stand by the truth. And please don't reply and say its just a beta.

Lazy_Sunday2480d ago

Nobody thinks he's funny anymore.

StanLee2480d ago

Anymore? When was he ever funny? He's always been a loud douche. The fact remains, Call of Duty is a pop culture phenomenon. It's popular and it's accessible.

Heartnet2480d ago

lol so the only reason they wud chose this is because they either worked with IW (or who ever) Or theve never played a BF game... it cudnt be they played em both and have come to a decision that CoD is more their style and is alot better to play :)

chriski3332480d ago

really? F#$&ing dane cook? who cares what this retard says. He's a idiot.

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lance422480d ago

Aside from the Mw3 v Bf3 debate, this is a pretty funny video. Best part was John Krasinski.

lifesanrpg2480d ago

My personal favorite is Charlize Theron's interview. You can just tell she knows her games.

"Snoop playin' that Madden" hahaha

I also love how all of these celebs show up at the RAGE party and have no idea what RAGE even is *smh*

SeanScythe2480d ago

I listen to Celebs about games just like I listen to them on voting. I don't.....

Getowned2480d ago

I just don't care about celebs any of them make a good movie sure i'll watch it but i couldn't careless about there personal life or opinions.

Hagaf222480d ago

Exactly, because Dane Cook's opinion is the one I truly care about. Thanks Dane I'm off to cancel my BF3 preorder so i can spend all my time playing MW3 with you.


Soldierone2480d ago

Video is not working atm for me :/

However based on the title, of course. COD has more money to spend on advertising like this. Toss a few free games or whatever their way and they jump right on board. Not saying COD is bad, just saying this is standard marketing.

PshycoNinja2480d ago

I am getting both so.... ya.

Jack-DangerousIy2480d ago

There can be only one!!

OBVIOUSLY just kidding... lol. Same here. I'm going to buy __3 at launch then probably pick up __3 at some later date.

It's going to be a great winter.

soundslike2479d ago

even if both are at the same quality

still a mistake imo

give one your full attention before considering the other so you dont get burnt out on two games at the same time :D

everyone loves the feel of a brand new game purchase, why overindulge when you can spread it out