A Look Back On the Nintendo Wii Launch Day

A look back at the Nintendo Wii's launch day.

One year ago… I was ecstatic. One year ago… I was restless. One year ago… I was overjoyed. One year ago… I was going to Toys "R" Us to pick up my Wii. One year ago… was launch day. On November 19th, 2006, the gaming world experienced a Revolution. Nintendo wanted to make a comeback.

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purin4041d ago

what a year it has been for the Wii

-fastest selling videogame console in history
-highest ranked game (Super Mario Galaxy)
-sold out across the globe

*bows to Nintendo*

live3604041d ago

Yeah Nintendo owns! I can't believe how well they did

Shaka2K64041d ago

And nobody is buying games on this trash beacuase its just a toy to play with for the weekend and nothing more.
not looking good for kidtendo not at all, the wii is trutly just a game cube 2.1.

ItsDubC4041d ago

Is trolling the Wii news section your way of dealing w/ the emotional and psychological distress that the Wii's success is causing you?

KeiZka4041d ago

Maybe, just maybe, you should go with those nice men dressed in white into that car that takes you to happy place...

I must say, you truly are an unrelenting hater. Congratulations. You always remind me how screwed a human sometimes can be.

PS360WII4041d ago

Heh Shaka how is it possible for the Wii to look worse than the GC seeing that the Wii is constantly selling out of there 1.8 million/month stock? Having devs drop there current games on the other systems to make a game on the Wii having 3rd parties making money off a Nintendo console? How? Ah you're not going to reply anyway and if you do it'll just be off topic and more dibble. Have fun with that.