Crysis PS3 & Xbox 360 1080p Screenshot Comparison

NowGamer: Which Crysis conversion is the best, and can PS3 or 360 come close to the PC version?

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Shaman2426d ago

Why would you take upscaled 1080p shots, when game runs at 720p? It just makes thing look muddier since its upscaled, not native.

Anyways, looks hot.

TimmyShire2426d ago

The game can be played at 1080p I believe, but I don't think it is native.

Autodidactdystopia2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Dude that flare in the first level used to KILL my pc. that flare was like the most intensive thing in crysis.

im not saying anything about crysis in general its just that damn flare was like OOPS you cant run this flare at more that 10FPS.

Screw that flare.

morganfell2425d ago Show
Oner2425d ago

Absolutely 100% agree morganfell. It's an absolute shame you continue to only have 1 bubble. Your posts are true comments with valid information for proper discussion, whereas the same cannot be said about quite a handful of others who have more bubbles and speak a lot of BS.

+ Agree & + WellSaid for someone who deserves more than just 1 "bubble" to speak their mind about valid things they are well informed about .


Must we have this articles every time a new multiplat game comes out???...Oh my God a line is misssing on the gun in the 360 version so its crap...Jesus get a life!!!!!

dantesparda2426d ago

Yes, yes we do, cuz i like em and have both systems and would like to know. Normally i would just get the PS3 version because of the free online (cuz i wont pay for Live [principle!] and i want my whole game [the online component]). But in this case there is no online. But then again, Im more into trophies now than achievements. So that's tilting me towards the PS3 version.

gypsygib2426d ago

^ I agree

I too have both and like to know which is best, even if the differences are negligible.

I got it on 360 cause my 80 gig PS3 is getting full and my 250 gig 360 has plenty of room left so I hope they're identical in every aspect (including 3D).

PirosThe4th2425d ago

dude buy a new hdd for ps3... you can get a 500gb for aroudn 30 bucks -_-

european_cannon2426d ago

Another terrible comparison from NowGamer, stick to news, thanks.

Xalaris2426d ago

This article is tagged as "News", when it's just a screenshot comparison.

dantesparda2426d ago

Why are there these diagonal lines on the PS3 pictures? is that the game or something going on with their shots/setup. And i also cant tell if the 360 looks sharper because of the PS3's gamma setting or because its higher res like Crysis. I hope not, i hope they are equal. Not that these little differences make a big difference to me, but still.

50Terabytespersec2425d ago

Not even close to Killzone lets move on to real 1080p stuff??

InNomeDiDio2425d ago

And Killzone is native 1080p? Killzone never was anything special in terms of graphics for me.

egidem2425d ago

Well that would explain everything then. I've been playing the game on a 1080p monitor, and for some reason it still looks 720p despite what the guys at Crytek said.

So it's nothing more than upscaled I guess.

PCRockStar2425d ago

Only the 360 version will run at 1080p and that is due to the scaler. The PS3 is 720p only. Where did they get these images from? Smells rotten to me.

gatormatt802422d ago

Wrong. The PS3 version also can be upscaled to 1080p... Im currently playing the game on my PS3 at 1080p but im prob gonna switch back to 720p cause i prefer to play most games at there native resolution.

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Fishy Fingers2426d ago

Are these even captures? They almost look like off-screen camera shots.

jriquelme_paraguay2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )


what kind of joke it is NowLamer?

RyuDrinksTheDew2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

my thoughts exactly.

some of the PS3 screenshots have strange lines going across it.

especially this one:

EDIT: and this one (look at this face.)

looks a lot like off screen shots. weird.

dantesparda2426d ago

Im wondering about that to. Is it just the shots producing that or is it the game?

Mrmagnumman3572426d ago

they are basically identical and not the best quality pics either, maybe offscreen ? Just play the game and enjoy!

KidMakeshift2426d ago

Lol they literally mean screenshots

ssb31732426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

the game on both versions still look great to me

damnyouretall2425d ago

yeah i have the ps3 version. it looks pretty good to me and im havin fun with it. its worth 20, but i wouldnt pay anymore for it.

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