Gears 3 – No TU Required For Weapon Balancing

Loud Mouthed Gamers: Joe Graf, programmer for Gears of War 3, has tweeted letting the public know that Epic no longer needs to put out a title update in order to balance the weapons.

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Winter47th2508d ago

The Weapons are fine. It's the Gnasher whores that keep complaining cause they get their butts handed to them by the Saws.

Saw: Stay away.
Gnasher: Retro Lancer them from mid-range.
Retro Lancers: Strafe left or right.


Gansher is more usefull since it has range and deal the same amount of damage as the sawed of at close range if you can hit, its just that the sawed of reqiures no aim.

BeaArthur2508d ago

Only DBS users defend that weapon. It's a garbage weapon for garbage players.

montyburns0002508d ago

im going to laugh in your face when the SOS gets nerfed and you get bodied every time you respawn.

the SOS/retro really is a loadout for the shitty players. don't need to aim, just run in a get your shot off. then run away if you (some how?) missed.
if that's not a bullshit noob weapon i dunno what is

RENJI662508d ago

I think it needs to be changed the sawed off has a bigger range then in the beta and i think it should only have 1 shot.


Wouldn't change a thing!