Tomm Hulett Regrets Asking For Fan Opinions On Silent Hill HD Collection

Tomm Hulett: "Sorry to say, but I think Devin and I being so involved on forums was a mistake. We wanted to demonstrate to everyone that the people in charge (he and I) cared about the series and understood the passion the fans had for it. unfortunately it’s backfired.

We have insane conspiracy theories, people asking for me to lose my job, I get angry, threatening PMs about game delays. People are calling Mary horrible names. Now people are badmouthing Jeremy Blaustein—who directed all the original performances. It’s unbelievable. Certain fans have treated “developer involvement” as an excuse to manufacture pointless drama.

Nobody cares about Silent Hill more than I do. Not hyperbole—literally nobody. I’m tired of having that questioned every time I turn around. I hope you guys enjoy the games—I honestly do, and I work every day with that goal in mind—but this has gone too far.

The games will speak for themselves—please look forward to them."

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WhiteLightning2510d ago

Can you blame them, your doing a HD remake with new voice actors and worst of all they sound worse them the old voice actors. They have no emotion in what they are doing.

Plus you guys aren't including SH4 in the HD collection or Shatterd Memories which you of easily improved on to make it like a HD makeover of the first game.....oh that's right it's because your going to sell them as HD remakes later on for more money.

NarooN2509d ago

Get outta here, that doesn't give morons on the forums the right to send Tomm and the others FUCKING DEATH THREATS over. These imbeciles are so goddamn melodramatic, I mean really?

How fucking hard is it to just stfu and play the original games? No one is getting ripped off here or anything. No one is being FORCED to get this collection. And hell, the way things are going now with the actors and actresses officially signing the paperwork and having meetings with Konami, the voices are probably gonna be put back in, yet people are STILL crying like entitled morons.

And the voices...REALLY? We're gonna go down that road? Them being "bad" is just an opinion, and those voices were some early work just meant to tease the collection and generate hype. They didn't sound groundbreaking but definitely better than the originals.

WhiteLightning2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )


It's just a comment section on a gaming news site

As I said...."Can you blame them"

Dosen't mean I agree with them, just pointing something out. Don't act all serious, it's not WW3.

TheoreticalParticle2509d ago

But, but...internet death threats are internet serious business!

NarooN2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )


Yeah, it's a joke now, but when it actually happens, then idiots like you would still make a joke out of it. Such is retardation on N4G.

Also, you don't even know just how "passionate" and mindlessly loyal some of these so-called SH "fans" are, so don't try to come here and act all e-cool or some shit.

TheoreticalParticle2505d ago

No, I wouldn't make fun of it. However, I will relentlessly taunt and mock someone who has to constantly overinflate and exaggerate situations. You realize that people like you are the reason situations get out of hand, right?

Look at your little mountain you've carved yourself out of molehill materials. Really, I "don't even know" how passionate some irrational group of people are? You realize you're just as irrational, you're just flying a different banner? Every stupid anti-Halo/pro-Halo, anti-CoD/pro-CoD, anti-Wii/Pro-Wii set of knuckleheads is JUST as fervent and idiotic and they're all over.

This isn't some special case. This is EXACTLY THE SAME response as anything on the internet. The only thing shocking about this whole situation is Tomm not realizing this was literally the single most probable outcome.

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Kamikaze1352510d ago

A lot of fans are very ungrateful. I guess this is why a lot of developers don't get involved with the community.

Pozzle2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

For a game that is largely considered by the fandom to be the best in the series, there sure are a lot of so-called "fans" who waste their time bitching about the game and insulting the people who made it. o.O

Fair enough if people prefer the old voice acting over the new (or vice-versa) and are unhappy with Konami's recent choices with the Collection, but threatening and insulting the devs isn't the way to show it. A rational opinion will always beat badmouthing and insults.

n4gisatroll2510d ago

I thought konami said the old vo will now be in silent hill 2?

Pozzle2510d ago

That's true..but I'm guessing most of the hate was directed towards them before it was announced that the old voice acting would be included in the HD Collection.

n4gisatroll2510d ago

Ya, I can see that, I hated the new vo. Well, I just want a release date!

GLoRyKnoT2510d ago

All cruelty springs from weakness.

chiwoo2510d ago

Al Konami had to do was put the old voice acting in there as an option all this could have been taken care of I do know that I am a little upset about Heather from SH3 will be getting a new voice she was a perfect voice.

KillerPwned2510d ago

As long as the voices do not sound really bad to me I could care less. I will be glad to finally own these classics again.

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