This is What Comcast Cable Will Look Like On Your Xbox 360

Via Kotaku: "Television, from 40 providers worldwide, is coming to the Xbox 360 this holiday. It will be showing up in many different ways. Here's a look at Comcast's version."

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ZombieAssassin2355d ago

So do you have to pay extra to comcast to use it? I plan on getting cable this month and comcast is the only provider I can get in my area and it would be nice to just buy an xbox for the bedroom instead of having to run a cable through the wall.

Delt42355d ago

It will probably run just like Sign in with your comcast login and watch movies and tv shows for channels you subscribe to.

LackTrue4K2355d ago

i have been thinking of getting an xbox for gears of war 3 and 4orsm, this will help make it ez too! (i dont have a tv) all i will need is this and another monitor!

49erguy2355d ago

Thats awesome. I didn't think of it like that. Monitors are better for gaming anyway.

LackTrue4K2352d ago

yep thats what i game on my ps3, an Alienware monitor! looks way sick! and that's y i dont have a tv! but this would real help!!!