ROUNDTABLE'D: Screw your sequel

Once again, we at Bitmob pool the greatest minds in the universe and dredge for hidden truth bombs!

SPOILER! Gears of War 3 ends. I mean it really ends. That's not to say developer Epic Games couldn't make Gears of War 19 one day, but they definitely closed the book on this story. And that’s fairly unusual in an industry that considers sequels a sure thing and launching new IPs a risk not unlike blind taste-testing mold. But hey, when we weren’t busy drawing pictures of semi-naked women, high-school English class taught us that every story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

What say you, illustrious panel? Keep the party going or stop a franchise cold just because "it's time"?

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THR1LLHOUSE2425d ago

These are always good for a larf.

darthv722425d ago

if continued for too long. I'm looking at you final fantasy.

chrispy2425d ago

Video game characters make the best Knights of the Roundtable!

SybaRat2425d ago

Faith's right. Time to give up on that Mirror's Edge sequel THAT DOES NOT EXIST.

Quagmire2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Lol. I was expecting Cloud to say something hipster like "I was making sequels before it went mainstream"