Brutal Legend gave me the gift of metal

Brutal Legend and its mullet-bearing roadies, fire-spewing engine blocks, and axe-wielding hero gave me the gift of metal.

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choadley1964d ago

Another title from my pile of "wish I got around to playing them" games.

THR1LLHOUSE1964d ago

Yeah, same here.

Except mine is a metaphorical pile, because I don't have the money to buy games and not play them...

ReservoirDog3161964d ago

Haha, I finally got around to playing this just this past week. It's pretty cheap on amazon/eBay.

I never liked metal but I gotta admit, some of the music was good. From the easy to listen to Mr. Crowley by Ozzy Osbourne to the ridiculously well placed Cry of the Banshee (really, there's nothing like driving around the game with that song on).

Decent game, nearly perfect game world, touching story that's still funny and Jack Black (whatever your opinion on him) does perfect as Eddie Riggs.

It fits the atmosphere of Halloween (I'm also playing Double Fine's other game that fits the season Costume Quest). Everyone should try it out used on eBay or new on amazon. It's about $10.

RockYou1964d ago

I know exactly what this guy's talking about. I realized that I actually enjoy heavy metal after playing through Brutal Legend earlier this year.

chrispy1964d ago

Love how this is written!

lorianguy1964d ago

It was a great game but traveling took AGES even in the cool car, upgraded by Mr. Osbourne.

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