Guide To the Next Generation of Video Game Consoles: Xbox 720, PlayStation 4, Wii U, and Beyond takes a look at the eight generation of consoles, starting with Nintendo's Wii U and speculating on what the future holds for Sony and Microsoft. Part of its Epictober month of exclusive content, this is an article that's only available on

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PCRockStar2544d ago

I want the new systems as badly as everyone else but I I don't understand articles like this. All speculation. This is like reading one of those gossip magazines.

Give it time folks and when you have real information, then we can talk about it.

Szarky2544d ago

I actually found it to be a great read. Not everyone keeps up with ALL the console news/trends so this is a great little summary as of today what we know.

JBSleek2544d ago

Next-Gen Holiday 2012 Plox!!

Adolph Fitler2544d ago

All three will be announced & release dates will be known. Wii-U & 720 will be on store shelves by 2012's year end. I just hope Sony don't screw around trying to sell another Christmas of PS3's in 2012 & put off the inevitable, allowing both MS & Ninty to get a massive time jump on them this time.

Sony need to release PS4 with the same delicate timing that they did to Sega with the Australia the Saturn came out, then less than a week later Sony released there 1st foray into the console market......& rattled, humbled, smashed & knocked out 1 half of the competition. Sony need to release in late 2012 without fail to keep up....Otherwise it allows the other 2 to release, get early adoptors on, get more & more developer support, get more & more exclusives & developers onboard, & to lower the price due to there lowering production costs.

Sony currently has a huge advantage in there favor in the fact that most of the most expensive parts are already done for PS4, as the Cell & Blu Ray drive are all but sure things for Sony to re-use in do otherwise would be crazy. They have that time & financial saving on there side big time, as a faster Blu Ray drive is all thats needed due to Blu Rays ability to hold 200gig on a single disk, & also the Cells unique ability to be coupled, tripled, quaddrupled to add 1,2,3 times the power, depending how many of these little buties you stickytape, bubblegum or crazyglue together.

Just get it out Sony, I hate having to wait for one console when all others have released, especially when it is the one I am more inclined to want....I mean I end up buying the other 1 to tire me over until.....

colonel1792544d ago

2012 is definitely out of the question. Sony and MS would have at least commented on the new consoles by now, the same way Nintendo did. So at the earliest it will be 2013.

hudsoniscool2543d ago

halo 4 is coming out in 2012. i doubt MS would release there biggest exclusive EVER on 360 right when the next box came out. iF it was nextboxes launch title that would be dumb as well cause that would hender sales of it. The only way that would make sense is if it came out on both the 360 and next gen console.

2539d ago
Szarky2544d ago

I'm ready for the next Playstation, would buy one today doesn't matter if it cost $500 or $600 I use mine so much I can easily justify it.

Relientk772544d ago

I want the PlayStation 4, just not yet I am still enjoying this generation. I want Sony to work on the PS4 and make it well worth it. Make it a better computer entertainment system then the PS3. Also, I would like to not have a $600 launch price lol

colonel1792544d ago

I just want the PS4 to be released AFTER Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the game is just taking forever. The same with The Last Guardian; it was rumored in 2008, announced in 2009, we are in 2011 and still nothing, although we all know there will be no compromises, unlike FFvXIII where nobody knows if it will go multi platform or if it even is coming out (this gen).

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