A Match Made In Heaven: Burnout Crash! And Vita

MediaKick: "With all of the new control mechanics on the upcoming PlayStation Vita, it seems to be crying out for suitable and effective uses of the likes of the touchscreen and gyrometers. Well, if you have read my Burnout Crash review then you will notice I had hinted at the title being more suited to the handheld market. As we know there are numerous devices out there providing handheld gaming to the masses, more so with practically each new smartphone bringing better hardware with it for entertainment on the go. However, when I play Burnout Crash I cannot help but think of how Criterion and EA could really make something special for Sony’s soon-to-be-released Vita."

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Wintersun6162504d ago

I wasn't interesting at playing this on PS3 but maybe if it was on Vita, I'd be more compelled to get it for some 15 minute sessions.

MasterCornholio2503d ago

Would love to see a real turnout game on the Vita.