Handheld Heroes Reviews - Orcs Must Die

Molotov Cupcake of Handheld Heroes writes:

"Your fortress is under siege by hundreds of bloodthirsty orcs. You've got deadly traps, spells, and some beastly weapons at your disposal. What do you do? You strategically place spiked platforms, walls of spears, and break out your crossbow, of course! Orcs Must Die! is an effective my-castle-is-under-attack-by-t hese-enormous-monsters sim and one that serves up plenty of crafty good fun. As you step into the shoes of a War Mage, a member of the mystical Order, you're tasked with defending your tower from the Mob, a faction comprised of orcs, ogres, hellbats, and other nasties who barge in any way they can to wreak havoc upon the world. It's your job to keep them at bay using any means necessary. This quick-and-dirty tower defense game may be a little on the shallow side, but it's certainly worth your time."

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