Yakuza: Dead Souls Heading to the US

PS Blog: Greetings Sony fans and Yakuza enthusiasts! Today is an exciting day, both for PS3 gamers and for us here at SEGA – the PS3 exclusive, Yakuza: Dead Souls is coming to the west! It seems like only yesterday we were all sitting on the edge of our Sony-branded seats, hoping desperately that Yakuza 3 would see the light of day overseas. In the years since, we’ve seen not only the US release of Yakuza 3, but Yakuza 4, too – and, thanks to the fantastic support of fans and PS3 gamers like you, we’re proud to now announce the latest chapter in the Yakuza franchise. What was once Of The End is now Dead Souls!

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OllieBoy2507d ago

Another 2012 PS3 exclusive I gotta get.

DaThreats2507d ago

Damn alot of PS3 exclusives..

Vandamme212507d ago

I played the japanese demo of this...I thought it was kinda boring because all they gave you.. was just two guns to shoot.

Redempteur2507d ago

it's MUCH better with machine gun or a rocket launcher

P_Bomb2507d ago

Awesome, I knew it would. Keep the brawler-rpgs alive Sega. One of the most underrated series ever. See ya in March after ME3. ;)

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