Zipper Interactive has two big games in development

The company already gave a true sequel to Socom on the PS3 but there are still more projects that have been tightly under warps for the developer.

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king052507d ago

Are they actually going to be good this time?

BattleAxe2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Very good question. But the bigger question is are they going to listen to their fanbase this time? I honestly don't have too much confidence in these guys anymore. As far as this generation goes, GRAW2 took the crown away from the Socom series for best Tactical 3rd Person Shooter, and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is looking awesome. If these two games they are currently working turn into a couple of stinkers, then I think it will be time to eith sell or close this studio.

Nike2507d ago

They were never any good...I played the first Socom on the PS2 and was like this the best Sony's got online...

chiwoo2507d ago

you must never played Socom 2 online.

theonlylolking2507d ago

MAG is a great game. Only a few would take their time to learn the game which is why few liked the game.

I hope the next MAG you can choose from these factions dual factions.

Chimera and Valor or Sver and Helghast

I did not include raven because helghast and raven are very close in looks.

The variety in weapons, locations, abilities, etc... would be awesome.

The chimera would have their special ability that was in resistance 1 but it is the last thing you can use points on.

Valor's special ability that will be the last thing you can use points on would be something like juggernaught except it does not work against sniper rifles.

Now for helghast and Sver
Sver would get a ability called rebel and your gun has less recoil and does twice the damage. It is also the last thing you can use points on.

The helghast special ability would be... you know what this idea is to great to give all details out without getting paid.

badz1492507d ago

what is people's problem with SOCOM 4? ok, maybe I never played any previous SOCOM on PS2 but hey, I think SOCOM 4 is quite well done! personally I give it a solid 8 and the story mission is good and have a decent story and I enjoy it very much! the MP is also smooth and easy to get into! not to forget that 45 is damn hot lol!

mopground2507d ago

exactly you've never played so you dont know how good it was

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Apotheosize2507d ago

Sweet been wondering what they were up to..I hope its a new IP

Merrill2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Please Zipper, no.

After the embarrassing mess that was Socom 4, I don't need anymore projects from you.

R.I.P. Socom.

BattleAxe2507d ago

If its a Socom game that captures the essence of Socom 2 or even Socom: Combined Assault, then great, or if its The Socom Collection with all the online maps from all the PS2 Socom games, then I will be all over that like white on rice, but anything short of these would be a waste of time.

n4gisatroll2507d ago

I can't believe the article said, a true sequel to socom. S4 is more like mag2.

Spenok2507d ago

I disagree, Mag was much better. Sure. They were using the same outdated engine. But Mag was just a better game overall. Imo of course.

NobleRed2507d ago

Well said. Socom 4 is complete garbage compared to Socom II.

BlackTar1872507d ago

Im with you guys hey zipper please stop making games until you can listen to your fans at least a little tiny bit. Its getting annoying listening to you tell us what the future is then sh8ting in a CD case and calling it a game.

Used to be my favorite Dev now my least favorite although i did enjoy MAG for what it was the socom series and the complete lack of respect for the fans request in the socom series is what way out weighs any +'s i gave for MAG.

Please listen or disappear completely.

Merrill2507d ago

I agree. Zipper was once my favourite developer....past tense.

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Sizzon2507d ago

Just release Socom 2 in HD.

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