Fantasy World Dizzy - The story behind the classic

To suggest that Philip and Andrew Oliver created a mythology with their most well known and best loved character adds a weight of obligation around Dizzy's neck that he simply doesn't need. The Yolkfolk are better remembered as a modern day fairy tale told in a new and exciting way - independent stories of achievement and overcoming adversity that will be told and retold by the kids who sat at their 8-bit keyboards in awe and wonder all those years ago.

Dizzy is a symbolic icon of childhood promise and innocent adventure - a mascot of the 8-bit age and a character whose fantastic yarns have become a glistening thread woven through the fabric of gamer's lives. For many, that thread is at its most refined during Fantasy World Dizzy, and Philip Oliver stopped by to tell Eurogamer all about it.

"We'd love to create new Dizzy games, at some point." says Philip, not at all perturbed at this rather insolent, and over asked question. "As for the style, it would depend on the platform. 2D works best on handhelds while we'd have to go full out 3D if we were producing boxed console games. I guess the Amiga 2D games could just about work on XBLA. We've talked about this with Codemasters over the years, but nothing's yet been concluded."

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benny o klaatt3991d ago

started here! back in the days of green screen amstrad cpc 464, but a 3d version would suck bad! just release the classics as a compilation on xbla and im happy as larry