Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Outlines PlayStation Vita Remote Play Plans

Andriasang: Sony readying developer libraries for PS3 to Vita Remote Play and touch screen use.

At the Tokyo Game Show a couple of weeks back, Sony demonstrated Remote Play on PlayStation Vita, showing PlayStation 3's Killzone 3 being played remotely on the portable system. Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida has shared additional details on the company's Remote Play plans in an interview in this week's Famitsu.

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Dart892453d ago

This is great i would love to play KZ3 on my vita while im on the can:P.

felonycarclub2453d ago

hell yeah, lol, vita is another reason why ps3 has a couple of more years to go before retiring, i cant wait to see games taking advantage of the wii-u i mean vita lol at least i can take my vita anywhere but i do want to see the wii-u in action

Azmacna2453d ago

you say that as if in some way Sony are copying the WiiU. you do realise that the PSP had a certain amount of that functionality?

darthv722453d ago

limited to ps1 games and a few psn games. I could run the browser through it but...why would I. The psp browser was decent.

I really like remote play. I think it is a great idea that didnt get realized as much as it could have. Then again i am betting the vita development team went into action not long after the 2000/3000 came out. GO was a stop gap testing new features that the vita will have as well.

Vita will be what the GO was aspiring to be and much much more.

Burning_Finger2453d ago

Remote play on all the PS1,PS2 and PS3 games would be awesome. I'm sure the vita can handle it no problem.

harrisk9542453d ago

Outside of pure Remote Play, Vita can be used as a controller for your PlayStation 3. The system's screen can also act as a sub monitor. Yoshida said that Sony is looking into creating utility libraries that will allow PS3 developers to use the Vita's touch screen.

Hmmmm.... Look out Wii U!

WooHooAlex2453d ago

If Sony was smart, they would take a giant dump on the Wii U launch and release a PS3/Vita bundle with a competitive price and a game like Ruin bundled in, something that really shows off the connectivity between the two devices.

If they could match or stay competitive with the price of the Wii U, advertise the fact that you're going to get similar experiences with this bundle and you're getting a system you can take with you, unlike the Wii U controller, I think it could do very well.

cpayne932453d ago

Very true, it would be quite a competitive deal. The Vita being a whole extra system would make it seem more appealing than wii u.

MasterCornholio2453d ago

Skyrim on the go. No other portable is capable of that.

ginsunuva2453d ago

It officially had the largest library ever if it can play its own games, ps1, ps2 (on bc models), ps3, and psp games and minis!

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