Has Twitter Killed Customer Service?

GamerEuphoria says : "Let me open by with the following statement : “Two years ago, Twitter was the greatest thing to have happened in the customer service department.


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morganfell2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

No, because companies can ignore assisting customers more easily than before. Just ask Ubisoft. Wait, you can't. You'll have to wait for them to tweet.

Hicken2479d ago

I don't think twitter killed it, but it sure didn't help. Companies, themselves, killed customer service. People these days are too complacent to stand up and demand the service they should have; the few that DO demand such service often don't actually deserve it.

Meanwhile, companies do all they can to make your customer service experience as unpleasant as possible: if you didn't like the service, you may not shop with them again, but you won't get your money back, either. So they outsource their customer service calls to India and Pakistan, or hire individuals who know little to nothing of the product. It's extremely bad business, but as long as people suck it up and keep moving along it won't change.

And people have shown their willingness to do just that.

kma2k2479d ago

Customer service has been bleeding out long before twitter. But you know something there are two sides to that coin, companies have more or lessed train people that nice gets you nothing & yelling & screming gets you everything. So customer service people spend all day listening to people yelling at them & giving into them. The nicer you are the less you get its a sad fact in modern day things. Customers have been trained to yell & customer service has been trained to not care since doing anything could cost them there job.