Movie Trailer Xbox 720 Ads ‘Just Made Up’

TheSixthAxis asked the producer behind "Real Steel" about the appearance of Xbox 720 adverts in his movie.

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The Meerkat2504d ago

They just 'chose' to give free advertising to
Coka Cola
Mercedes Benz

How very charitable of them.

BattleTorn2504d ago

well I can see two of those are MS.

darthv722504d ago

you are reading to much into this. Studios get financial support all the time to cover expenses. Product placement or in this case name placement makes more sense. MS is a sponsor of the movie like sony is to many of their films.

Look at bench warmers. Sony and the PS name are in that movie because the primary studio behind it is Sony pictures. It is not free in the least.

And for them to use a made up 720 logo isnt that hard to believe. If anything it should have been xbox 1080 or something because I dont know how far into the future this is supposed to take place.

Would this be as big a deal if it was a PS4 logo or something?

DeadlyFire2503d ago

Just like the made up Resistance 3 banner shown in that other movie huh? Okay if you say so, but Resistance 3 seems to exist so...

Just saying.

Unlikely next Xbox will be called 720, but we don't know anything about Xbox 3 yet. Besides its 2012 E3 reveal coming up.

BattleTorn2504d ago

I know Xbox720 doesn't associate to a product, but I would've figure MS would have copyrighted it by now anyways.

Oldman1002504d ago

Man, i totally thought it was real.

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Godmars2902504d ago

All this telling me is that 720 is the official name, and from what I understand many people think Xbox 720 is, at the very least, a lame name.

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