Lens of Truth Head2Head: Dark Souls Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth: "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! Today we dungeon crawl our way through From Software’s highly anticipated RPG, Dark Souls, on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to the PS3 exclusive Demon’s Souls, and luckily for Xbox owners, they now get to experience the series on the 360. So which version LOOKS to be the one to grab? Jump inside to see for your self."

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Oldman1002477d ago

I've noticed a shocking difference. One picture has a red border while the other has a green one.

TheBossMan2477d ago

I can't see the goddamn mother fudging pit'chas so I dun know nuthin' bout no goddamn differences.

Chainsaw slow servers.

Sunhammer2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

From Software really screwed up this time around. Ever since the decision to make Dark Souls multiplatform, From Software decided to make this game sub-HD and heavily compressed both versions of the game.

Both versions are under 5 gigs (due to DVD on 360), and are not native HD where Demon's Souls ran natively at 1280x720p. The overall quality issues are just disgusting and insulting to PS3 owners who are by now used to jaw-dropping PS3 exclusives. The frame rate also remains very low throughout.

I'm sorry but I will not be buying Dark Souls. It seems they gave up quality and also compromised the hell out of the PS3 version of the game just to be able to run this on 360. Will give my money to developers who care about quality.

A result of the magnificent quality control at Namco, take this sub-HD garbage and shove it up real far.

SonyNGP2477d ago

This game wasn't meant for whiners anyway :3

Vlaitor2477d ago


Your decision of passing this game due to "low" graphical performance is astoundingly stupid. Like it's predecessor, Dark Souls was never meant to be a graphical benchmark but rather a pure violent exploration of an old genre. It's refreshing, disturbing, pure and immensely fun (By fun I mean redoing the same level 5 times because of the gargoyle bosses).

Neckbear2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Demon's Souls was 5GBs as well, and this contains, reportedly, much more content than that. By the way, what is compresion hurrr?

Regarding resolution, I wonder if you can even spot the difference between an "HD" output, and one missing a few pixels. Protip: You can't.

Not only that, but Demon's Souls also suffered of performance issues; namely, everytime the game got busy, you used any kind of fire spell, or something similar.

I'm amazed anyone could even spout such idiocy you've presented today. I hope it's some kind of twisted satire, this act of yours. "Let's imitate a fanboy!" would be the theme of the play.

If should be throughly ashamed of it. Let alone the people who are agreeing with you, it's nothing short of vomitive; repulsive; disgusting.

This is, truly, why we can't have nice things.

360 man2477d ago

@sunhammer. dark souls is graphically far superior to demon souls. all you have to do is compare the 2

geddesmond2476d ago

What are you talking about. Look mate I'm a huge PS3 fan but you are way off. For starters the game looks a lot better than Demon Souls ever did on the PS3 and I'm pretty sure the sub HD and framerate issues are due to this game being open world compared to Demon Souls having small worlds you select. A lot less was happening in the world at the same time in Demon Souls.

Also just remember that Demon Souls was absent in the west for over a year from when the Japanese got the game and when this game launched in Japan it had simular framerate issues until it was patched. The version us westerners got was a more polished game. Why care about sub HD when the game looks better than Demon souls that had native 720p

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ryhanon2476d ago

Hah yeah. These are so close that for a second I thought Lens of Truth forgot to put different images in there, then I noticed a handful of different pixels in each image. Virtually identical in every way.

The poll at the end is pretty interesting too. Anyone that votes for anything other than "tie" is clearly a whiny biased fanboy on this one.

BattleTorn2477d ago

How are they the same!

I mainly play on Xbox, but I totally expected the PS3 to be vastly superior.

Because it's a sequal to a PS3 exclusive, and they had Bluray to work with.

It seems X360 version isn't a DVD-port, rather exactly the same.

M1chl2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Digital foundry actually stated that PS3 weights 4.87GB and X360 4GB. So nothing really storage demanding...

BattleTorn2477d ago

that's amazing, it seem devs are getting more out of less.

I think Dead Island was very small as well. (6.5gb)

Olvipoika2477d ago

they are identical what comes graphics. however ps3version has uncompressed 7.1 sound=)

360 man2477d ago

wait wasnt the original a ps3 EXCLUSIVE!!

how on earth are these guys gettin identical graphics from 360 which is alleged to be an inferior console. do these guys even have past xbox 360 developing experience? wtf!!!

Disccordia2477d ago

They developed Ninja Blade for X360

360 man2476d ago

lool oh yh i remember ninja blade. that game was awful hahaha :D

geddesmond2476d ago

Aye mate don't get ahead of yourself. Its all good saying the Xbox isn't inferior to the PS3 but when you use a game like Dark Souls which looks good but still isn't one of the better looking games on a consol then you just look desperate to prove a point.

Dr Face Doctor2477d ago

You'd think lensoftruth would be able to afford better servers from all that traffic they get, seeing as how it's enough to overload the website.

Tempjf2477d ago

You'd think right... They probably make millions right..

Regardless the games are identical.

Der_Kommandant2477d ago

Congratulations to From Software

Disccordia2477d ago

It's amazing that From Software have no problems yet some of the biggest devs like Ubisoft still struggle with the PS3 versions - even when that console is tue lead like the AC games

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