[GameShard] Resident Evil: Code Veronica HD review

GS: "For genre fans, it's a treat. For Resident Evil fans it's a nice memory of a great era of the series. For everyone else, it's probably a relic that they can't understand, but bravo to Capcom to showing the world how things used to be.

Personally for me, it's absolutely unmissable. Some will call the score I've given 'nostalgia,' maybe for them it is. But I had just as much fun revisiting this game again as I did the very first time I played it."

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BootHammer2510d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing both HD remakes and these games are what Survival Horror is all about ;) While I didn't give "Code Veronica" quite the score you did (mine was 7/10),it is still a great value and all RE fans shouldn't think twice about getting it.

Pozzle2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

While I wouldn't give it a 10/10 (the lack of upscaling on FMVs is downright hideous, and the game itself can be difficult to get into with its clunky controls and dorky script), I do think many reviewers have been too harsh on Code Veronica. Especially considering many other classic games haven't been market down for being "outdated" like Code Veronica has.

But it's nice to see that there ARE reviewers out there who enjoyed it. I must admit, I had more fun with Code Veronica HD than RE4 HD. Maybe because I haven't played an old RE game for a long time, but the nostalgia and the plot were just...better than what later RE games have been. I liked that the story continued on from previous games. I've missed all the zombies, Tyrants, Hunters, Umbrella stuff. There's still so much that Capcom can do with those plots.

And for me, the entire second half of the game (where you play as Chris) is one of the best and most fun parts of any Resident Evil game. And tbh, the controls aren't THAT bad. Yes they are tank controls, but it really isn't that difficult to get the hang of them after playing for 1-2 hours. After a while, you just forget how clunky they are. Every now and then you might accidentally run into an enemy or have trouble dodging attacks and that CAN be frustrating, but it doesn't make the game impossible to play. Even with the mistakes I made, I still got through the game with a fair amount of ammo, weapons and health items. And this is coming from someone who's terrible at conserving items in games!

ignorantsonsof_2510d ago

I'm glad I read this review, even though I was already probably going to buy it. I did not know they used the MT Framework engine for the HD release, or that the lighting was redone. Even though I have not been very happy with Capcom for a while now, I would be willing to give them my money for this.

deno2510d ago

Solid review. You have great taste in games.

Venox20082510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

this is a real hardcore survival horror game .. this is one of the best bits of Capcom :) I actually like tank controls and old good camera, where you can't know what lurks in a corner :) 9/10