Xbox Crysis doesn't require perma-net

Eurogamer writes: The original report was misleading - Crysis from Xbox Live Games on Demand does not require an always-on internet connection to play.

The lock-out timer described below only appears when playing Crysis on a second Xbox 360 console - a different machine than the one it was originally downloaded to. If the connection to the Live account drops, you'll need to recover the Gamertag within 10 minutes to resume gameplay.

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WiIIiam2546d ago

That's a relief. Glad to see Skynet hasn't become fully self aware yet.

Dread2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )



they'll "be back"

B1663r2546d ago

Wow someone did a unsubstantiated hit piece on Microsoft??? Well I never....

SilentNegotiator2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

God forbid your system dies out of warranty. Then you can't transfer the license if you get a new system and you'll always have to be online to play it.

Silly restrictions to stop a few copies from being shared. Just EA's 'War on used/piracy' making things more complicated and restrictive for the customers. A soulless corporation appeasing its investors at the expense of the customer. It SHOULD be ironic, but thanks to the super apologists that exist in gaming culture these days, it's not.

coolbeans2546d ago

"God forbid your system dies out of warranty"

Isn't this point moot with removable harddrives? Or can they actually track the exact 360 console you initially dl'd the game to?

Captain Tuttle2546d ago

They can track it but they have a "licence transfer utility" or something. In the bad old days it was a true PITA but they've improved the process. I never bothered with it though, I'm always connected.

Tyre2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Finally got it and it has surpassed all my expectations....thx Crytek, it runs like a dream, looks absolutely amazing and the complete game is there! What a stunning vistas & the water looks even better...The controls work like a charm finally i can play it like in the intro video: speeding and immediately jumping on a hut after attacking and blowing up vehicles etc...didn't really work with the original:selecting speed & while running pull up the menu selecting power etc... How in the did u pull this off Crytek?, i'm in awe. I still can't believe this is running on my console, the graphics way ahead of its time back then and there still ahead today!!! Texture pop up is negligible and most texture are still highly detailed up close! Amazing work! The physics are in there too! Everthing is as destructible as in the original, all the little animals are in there too and more...DX10 FX are in there too, can't wait how U guys are going to treat Homefront 2. This is arguably the best looking game that ever graced the consoles not Rage, thx Crytek for bringing Crysis 1 to the consoles and for such a price. if console gamers want to be surprised by a Very good game for just 20 bucks....THIS IS THE GAME!

JOHN_DOH2546d ago

All you have to do for the pc version is enable suit shortcuts in controls menu. Very easy to do to.