Free Arkham Asylum GOTY with Arkham City at Walmart

Pick up Batman Arkham City from Walmart and get a free copy of Arkham Asylum GOTY.

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zeal0us2393d ago

Hmmm killing two bird with one in my case. Since I still haven't played Arkham Asylum yet.

Quagmire2392d ago

I think I'll just wait for the Goty edition of Arkham City to be bundled with Arkham...Island

MasterD9192392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Ive been thinking about this deal...its actually well worth it if you haven't played or bought Arkham Asylum.

Also- you'll notice that Batman: Arkham Asylum is still going for between $15-25 new so....figure you are really only paying $40-45 for Arkham City, $10 for Arkham Asylum and you get a $10 gift card.

The gift card actually cannot be used in-store as it is a e-gift you will pay for shipping on whatever you put it towards though I am not sure how much.

princejb1342392d ago

walmart you have a deal, i was gonna buy the first batman anyway but this deal to awesome to miss