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Nick from StickTwiddlers takes a look at the latest DmC gameplay to see what the controversial title from Capcom and Ninja Theory is offering.

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nolifeking2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Do I have to watch it to know this is not DMC? I have a DMC3 poster in my room so I can never accept this "Dante" as the guy who fought Cerberus with a shit eating grin on his face.

Ninja Theory killed one of my favorite characters. And it's because they decided to take him serious.

unknownhero11232543d ago

no, it's not all NT's fault. Capcom wanted them to change dante drastically.

nolifeking2543d ago

I still blame NT. They had so many other ways to approach this project.

1. Keep the character design but put their own gameplay twist in it.

2. Keep the character design and try and add to an already awesome battle system.

3. turn down the opportunity and let Dante die as an icon.

NT has no one to blame but themselves for this travesty. Any one else would have saw the potential in this character and tried to add to it it, not belittle it and make it potentially worst than the worst of the franchise.

Burning_Finger2543d ago

They should have call this game differently..


hard joe2543d ago

or Tameem Antoniades May Cry xD

Hozi2543d ago

The more I see the more I'm beginning to accept this as a true sequel to the series. Dante actually looks much better than the first trailers. Combat seems good...only thing I don't like is his Devil Trigger. I thought he was supposed to turn in to a demon/angel...he looks the same with diff. color hair. that's all.

lsujester2543d ago

To me it looks like he becomes the Dante we're used to seeing. Maybe some sort of progression where he becomes more of the white-haired devil character.

I'm not really sure how to explain what I'm thinking, but hopefully you get where I'm coming from.

nolifeking2543d ago

I get what your saying, but cannon says different.

DMC1: Intro to Dante. No time frame, but we get he's awesome and has been at this for a while.

DMC2: Well past the events of DMC1. For some reason Dante is mute. Fans all shed a single tear simultaneously.

DMC3: Well before the events of DMC1 and 2. Young cocky and what I was hoping for future in installments.

DMC4: After all the previous games. Dante takes a backseat but still ends up being the best part. A bit older, but still a GODDAMN HALF HUMAN, HALF DEMON and all awesome.

DMC5?: Half angel(fag), Half demon(they got it half right) looks like a pansy and decides to fight lamer than he did before.

And that is the Devil May Cry timeline.]


lsujester2543d ago

I didn't realize it was at all a sequel. I thought it was a whole retcon deal.

Who the hell knows. I'll still play it.

ZombieAssassin2543d ago

I want to play the game as I've liked all of NT previous games but it will never be a true DMC game to me...all they had to do was stay with the original story and I would of gladly excepted it but I hate the fact they changed it (and the fact theyre using the Unreal Engine so it'll run at a choppy 30FPS).

Quagmire2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Just do what I do, mentally sever any connections this game has to the actual series, and it actually looks pretty damn awesome.

I too like Ninja Theory, a real traditionalist developer, and I would play anything they make, although I would honestly have a sequel to Heavenly Sword or even Enslaved. I'm guessing they're using an existing license in order get more money, considering their own IPs arent getting they sales they required. I hope after this they get back to doing what they do best, making creative and unique titles.

nolifeking2543d ago

You are a true NT apologist. Their not making money because they can't stay within their budget. NT has big dreams, but the talent and tech they have just doesn't back it up. Them trying to tackle a game like DMC is laughable considering their prior efforts. Whatever obscure game it was they did on the original Xbox, Heavenly Sword, a good game but would never hold the weight of GOW, Ninja Gaiden or, wait for it......Devil May Cry. Enslaved, wow, a boring battle system, a boring platforming mechanic and the always awesome Andy Serkis made for a bland game. There's only two places a good DMC game will come from, maybe 3: Team Ninja, Platinum Games and Sony Santa Monica.

OmegaSlayer2543d ago

30FPS, textures pop-in, NinjaTheory flawed combat systems and stupid AI...

Plus Dante was born with white hair.
Check DMC1 please.

2543d ago
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