Crysis Xbox 360 Gameplay Part 1 (HD 1080p)

@Ve3tro: "We got our hands on Crysis yesterday and we've recorded quite alot of footage for you. Here's Part 1 for today."

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CrzyFooL2507d ago

Looks better than I thought

jriquelme_paraguay2507d ago

yeah... and i cant believe it yet..
i liked Crysis 2...
but i think Crysis 1 is 5x times better...
and for only 20? wow!
This is my next Platinum

JokesOnYou2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Wow, that looks superb.

This doesn't look too far off what I played on my friends high end gaming rig a couple years ago (look at the beautiful foliage near the end). I want to know how they pulled this off, ps3 and 360 old hardware shouldnt be able to keep up, at least thats what the PC elitist keep telling me.

Prophet-Gamer2507d ago

Yea, people who didn't like Crysis 2, give this one a shot. IMO, it's much, much better. And it looks really great on consoles, color me surprised.

JohnApocalypse2507d ago

Are you series? I've been playing Crysis 1 and I think Crysis 2 is the better one

Prophet-Gamer2507d ago

Well, as I clearly set it was solely my opinion. In no way did I declare it as fact, so if you prefer Crysis 2 then all the power to you man.

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M1chl2507d ago

This game look much better than I expected. Its kind of miracle, seeing this running on constatn framerate on console (I bought it on X360). Good job Crytek, now bring original Far Cry to consoles and I pay you full price without hesitate...

InNomeDiDio2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )


sit back and just look at this vid and you got your answer

oh and by the way: best looking Game is Crysis 2 with DX11, HighRes Textures, Maldo HD Texture Pack and Black Fire Mod 2 all in one

Yes, on PC Battlefield 3 will replace Crysis. Just look at ground-textures in the Beta and the overall look of BF3. Simply amazing for a MP-Beta.

I just can't stand people saying that console games are the best looking games out there. Just look at Rage ... PC Gamers like me need to wait for further Patch now to get a better experience. Even Carmack isn't really happy with the PC Version of Rage although it looks better than the Console-Version.
Im so glad they make a great BF3 Version for PC Gamers.

Az1mov2507d ago

thanks for clarifying shit up! ;) I have both platforms and a decent PC - I played Crysis back in 07 on my computer because it is where it looks the nicest and ran the smoothest. Now BF3 is around the corner and if I wanna enjoy the eyecandy I'm gonna go ahead and get a 580GTX. I can't wait for the next gen consoles to come out though. Uncharted 3 will pull the last breath of this generation I guess (graphics wise)

GoldenPheasant2507d ago

*watches as a PC fairy get her panties in a knot*

turgore2507d ago

and how much did you pay for that PC ? For the cost of a good new graphics card, the neXtbox or PS4 will obliterate it.

xtreampro2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Yes the PC version definitely has more foliage and it's looks more Crysis and detailed. But in the comparison video the console version clearly has better lighting and Crytek confirmed this.

The console version uses the new lighting system which I think they used in Crysis 2, the old one doesn't have it.

@turgore: You must have face palmed yourself after spouting out such a nonsensical claim.

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gillri2507d ago

I got it on PC but will get the console version, also I want a more consistent framerate and prefer sitting back and playing with a pad on my 50' inch screen if I have the chance

360 man2507d ago

wow that looked 10 times better than id thought it would look. its easily one of the best looking console games ever made. its crazy to think xbox 360 is running all of that foilage

4022507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

looks like the 360 isn't so weak afterall MS just doesn't have the first party studios to show what the platform is capable of. it is one of the best looking console games ever made if not the best

jetlian2507d ago

MS invest more on MP games than SP games! They want that 50-60 a year times millions!

Look at uncharted 3 sp models and then look at the MP ones. You will see a big drop in quality. Look at gears and you'll find both models are the same! They make most games around MP

Which is why 360 has more coop games. And gears 3 models better than UN3

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