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Submitted by mark0192 1588d ago | video

Blackwater trailer shows immersive Kinect shooter

123Kinect writes:"The official trailer for the Blackwater video game (the first Action FPS for Kinect on Xbox 360) has just been released! It shows that Kinect is most definitely maturing, and a game like this may help silence the Kinect core gaming critics that say Kinect is only for dancing and sports games. Sure, Kinect has its place there too... but honestly: hiding behind your couch for incoming fire? That's just awesome!" (505 Games, Blackwater, Kinect, Xbox 360, Zombie Studios)

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mandf  +   1588d ago
On rails?
cstyle  +   1588d ago
Take notes sony. This is how you advertise.
sashimi  +   1588d ago
I can't tell if thats sarcasm....
WooHooAlex  +   1588d ago
Sarcasm? lol
Bathyj  +   1588d ago
You're right.

Even when they have nothing to show, M$ know how to make a big deal about it.
mastershredder  +   1588d ago
Blackwater should set up game kiosks at all the Walmarts for recruiting purposes. I can already smell the gun oil and beef jerky.
spicelicka  +   1588d ago
false advertising
SilentNegotiator  +   1588d ago
Like they're REALLY going to have you diving behind furniture in any Kinect games. Definitely misleading advertisement.
JokesOnYou  +   1588d ago
No obviously you don't play like this guy, they're simply over dramatizing the gameplay to suggest the game is immersive. I hardly think anybody believes bullets will fly from your imaginary gun like this ad says, its called ADVERTISING. No different than ads I've seen for shooters where they show bullets come through the screen, sports, racing and so many other ads for games where they show things come to life, of course the real gameplay won't be like that but its just a creative way at saying this game is "cool".....thats far from false advertising. Either way, I thought what little gameplay there was looked fun, bit more interesting than most kinect games, not saying I'm going to run out and get this game but I'd at least like to see more. I think the first dev who seriously takes the time to combine controls in a hybrid(standard controller+kinect) scheme will have something really fun to play.
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Bathyj  +   1588d ago
C'mon JOY (may I call you that), you have to admit its pretty misleading.

And obviously I'm not talking about bullets flying and muzzle flash from my fingers (although THAT would be cool) but if some idiot buys this expecting the actual gameplay to be like that, I think they might be disappointed.

I dont know enough about the game to comment definatively, I'm only speculating, but lets just take the way he holds the gun and fires. Will that work in game? I dont know, I'm actually asking, but it seems a bit far fetched if his front hand is blocking the trigger finger of his backhand.

That right there is reason enough to call shenanigans and go home for my broom.

Dramatisation is one thing, misleading another, lying is on another level. You would hope an ad would give you a reasonable idea of how the game is played.
Pozzle  +   1588d ago
There's a difference between believing bullets will come out of your bare hands (which is obviously bogus) and believing that Kinect will register all of the movements portrayed in the ad (which is what the ad seems to be implying).

Obviously the ad is dramatized to look more exciting (most ads are), but nothing in the ad says that gamers won't be able to do EVERYTHING that is depicted in this ad.

Which is what makes it misleading. The average gamer doesn't keep up to date on gaming news or Kinect news, so if they see an ad like this, then they're going to assume you can do all the things in the ad. That doesn't make them stupid. Ads should accurately portray the product you're buying, and from what I've played of the Kinect, ducking behind couches, pulling triggers with your fingers and moving around so frantically are things that the Kinect would have a hard time registering.
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JokesOnYou  +   1587d ago
No, I disagree, I think the way this ad is made its obvious that they're trying to make it look fun but naturally the consumer will have to go to get more information about the gameplay if they are really interested. I think you guys read to much into this ad, theres tons of game ads, & toy ads, where its clear they are going for the "use your imagination" type commercial, you dont see folks sueing Toys R Us/toy mfg's for showing a remote control car that jumps 50ft in the air in a commercial but in reality it only jumps 1 ft when you press the "trick" button. No because consumers by default that are interested on this game know enough to just do a minimum bit of fact checking to see what the game is like before they spend their hard earned cash lol, Its a fun over the top commercial, so I know it makes the anti-micro folks feel better to pretend alot of consumers buy micro products because they' ve been tricked but it doesnt pass the laugh test for 2 reasons, #1 Consumers are cutting back on luxuries in this economy, games cost $60, not .60 like a piece of gum, I find it hard to believe all but the wealthy are buying games without at least a ounce of knowlegde about the actual game besides a commercial they saw on TV, #2 Worst case scenario= they are completely fooled(never owned kinect or seen other games)they didnt bother to look up the game on the games site and they end up hating it, no law against returning it, getting store credit, etc. Coincedently I heard these claims against kinect itself prior to release, yet it continues to do well and gain support.
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spicelicka  +   1587d ago
well obviously man,
what i meant was that the game is definately not that interesting and it clearly looked pathetic the way they tried to make it seem so intense, don't blame them though.

If this same ad was for gears of war, i wud hell of a lot more excited even though i know i'd never be shooting with my finger or jumping over my couch...
pijinio212  +   1588d ago
hahahahahahahaha LMAO!!!
kiikoooo  +   1588d ago
I agree Microsoft really do know how to advertise.

Still won't buy kinect tho.
WooHooAlex  +   1588d ago
For a second I thought it was a parody video. When he lifted up his leg to kick down the door, I thought he was gonna go right through the TV.
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1588d ago
Exactly! I was like "oh boy don't do that, that's some high priced TV there... no... wait, is he serious?"
StupidDude  +   1588d ago
One of the dumbest things I've ever seen.
WooHooAlex  +   1588d ago
Kevin Butler: "I mean c'mon... who wants to pretend their hand is a gun? What is this the third grade? pew.pew.pew.pew"
Morbius420  +   1588d ago
I'll bet Kevin Butler pretends his hand is a woman lol
yourgodisdead  +   1588d ago
kamakaz3md  +   1588d ago
lmao yea ok... like ur gonna even be able to do 95% of that stuff... u cant use ur finger to pull a trigger first of all. And I highly doubt you can use ur couch as cover... Microsft always shows stuff off like this then you get it and its not even near what you seen. Lastly, dont even get me started on how bad the lag is between yourself and the kinect sensor... seriously, looks cool, but aint happening!
Anon1974  +   1588d ago
I thought Kinect need an unobstructed view of the person playing? How's hiding from it going to work? Having done a bit of Kinect development, Kinect would get confused if you were wearing a jacket and turned slightly to the side. I highly doubt it's suddenly able to reacquire users popping up from behind a couch. I get that it's jazzed up for the ad, but that's just purposefully misleading.

And I'm confused. Way back, before Kinect released, Microsoft was advising developers to not use Kinect to develop action games like shooters. When did that change?
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Bathyj  +   1588d ago
Theres a very simple explanation for all of your concerns.

The ad is flat out LYING.
Suga Shane  +   1588d ago
Why were they using the older 360 with the Kinect? I know it is compatible but why not put the slim in there? My little door that covered the controller connections broke too so I am not alone.
xAlmostPro  +   1588d ago
And so it happens... pew pew pew
gotgame1985  +   1588d ago
you can do some of that stuff like kicking in the door and throwing gernades and peeping from cover there was a video showing you how to play. and i really have to ask why do sony fans find the neeed to always find something bad to say about what ever microsoft does its just sad how loyal you people are. you assume this is on rail with out knowing nothing about, which it is but thats besides the point, if this was a move game sony fans will find everything good about it and nothing wrong. and befor any one accuse me of being a 360 fan look at my profile.
badkolo  +   1588d ago
well the video form e3 shows it basicly on rails and you point to your target and it auto shoots, kool concept but yeah it seems to be all on rails , and it seems to be very fogiving as you get tons of time to target your enemies without much worry about incoming fire.
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Kakihara  +   1588d ago
This ad is not quite as misleading as people are claiming. you can get this effect but you have to do a ton of acid before playing. It's sold seperately though, that's how they get ya.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1588d ago
LOL. I started imagining myself doing that. Really guys, imagine yourself doing exactly what that guy is doing in the trailer. At what point do you feel embarrassed at what you call entertainment?

Lets see if this game is even announced officially.
tudors  +   1588d ago
I seriously think someone needs to create a glove controller for actions that make certain motions less awkward, backwards forwards things like that, this is not virtual reality and cannot be treated as such, for games like this at least we need a mixture of controler and none controler. e.g. when you drive your car in the real world you still have a steering wheel but you don't use it to move your head do you, if you want it to be realistic then as in real life you are going to have a mixture of requirements, e.g. for a game like this why not have a peripheral for stuff like forwards backwards and shoot, and have genuine motion controls for throwing, melee, crouch, basic body motions, which is what you would do in real life anyway.
edonus   1587d ago | Spam

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