Future Battlefield campaigns may let you play as the enemy

OXM UK: "Battlefield 3 boss talks showing a real-life war from the other side."

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cogniveritas2508d ago

It's not like there isn't a second side to every story. Some people are afraid we will sympathize with "the enemy", and a virtual one at that. I say the greatest conviction one can hold is when you can still be sure of yourself no matter what you side see.

Hufandpuf2508d ago

Did medal of honor get controversy for people being the enemy in multiplayer? How does this sound like a good move? I'd love to see the enemy side, but don't they think the news and press would be all over it?

dirigiblebill2508d ago

There's a sentiment from Apocalypse Now that seems appropriate here: "They train their young men to drop fire on people, but they won't let them write f**k on the wings of their airplanes because... 'it's obscene'."

Der_Kommandant2508d ago

Guerrilla Games please take notes

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