Sydney-Based LA Noire Developer Shutting Down

GamerEuphoria says : Sydney based developer Team Bondi, behind this years blockbuster L.A. Noire has called in the liquidators....

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ATi_Elite2507d ago

Bad management! L.A. Noire sold well but obviously Team Bondi has bad management issues!!

DasTier2507d ago

I assumed La Noire didn't do all that well, due to the fact that Gamestation are selling it new for under £20 now

gillri2507d ago

thats normal for all games, unless it CoD of course

ATi_Elite2507d ago

PS3 = 1.84 million
360 = 1.80 million
PC = not out yet

looking at $109,200,000 - $50 million Dev cost (very high estimate) = $59,200,000 in profit so far.

BUT DEVS get paid up front which is the Devs cost and the Publisher gets the profit. Devs do get a bonus if the game sales a certain amount of units.

all in all Team bondi had some financial issues as it was an upstart company and so far l.a. noire was it's only paychek that I know of.

team Bondi was founded by some guy who worked on The getaway and getaway 2.

gillri2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

why!? I know the development cycle was very long but didnt it sell very well? like 4 million?

Maybe Brendan.M will come back home to Britain and set up another company here?

Baka-akaB2507d ago

yeah but after how much spent in cycles of developpement ?

Besides Rockstar dropped them like hot potatoes after the scandals behind their employées abuses .

SilentNegotiator2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

They probably had created some massive debts in that long development cycle. You can't afford to make mistakes like that.

All the loan sharks in the world can't save a developer that mismanages money like that. You can easily spend 50-100million (see 'Realtime Worlds') making a game, but that doesn't mean money well spent!

LightSamus2507d ago

They're in trouble because all the expensive costs were covered by Rockstar. Once Rockstar got wind of how things were ran at Team Bondi, they bolted and dropped Team Bondi. Without Rockstar's funding, they're as good as dead. Harsh maybe, but they brought it on themselves after how they treated their employees.

GamerEuphoria2507d ago

I think the downfall is due to a lot of things.

Despite great sales, the length of the development cycle and the subsequent "falling out" with Rockstar that Team Bondi had over crediting staff left them isolated.

pedo_across-the-road2507d ago

Rockstar should buy the rights for la noire

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