Uncharted 3: 66 New HD Screenshots

NowGamer has tons of in-game HD screens of the most recent preview build of Uncharted 3. Looking good.

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TimmyShire2481d ago


Looks good, can't wait.

skyward2481d ago

"Crap, Crap, Crap, Crap..." GOTY anyone?

CloseSecond2481d ago

Why is GOTY so Important to you?

I swear, everytime a set of shots for an exclusive are published people start yelling GOTY from the rafters.

Feckles2481d ago

Gorgeous. Looks better than Rage.


units2481d ago

Uncharted runs at 60FPS?

ksense2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

it won a ton of awards for best graphics so it is a safe bet no matter what fps it runs at, it probably is better looking than a multiplatform game. More work goes into exclusive games to make it look and run better.

btw Rage is having a lot of issues with its graphics especially on PC . I can guarantee you Uncharted will not have any major issues like that when it releases. go troll elsewhere now. thanks

CGI-Quality2481d ago

I wasn't aware that frames per second were graphics. Call of Duty runs at 60fps, does it look better than Battlefield 3 or Crysis? Think about it.

Anyway, to the actual topic, the game Uncharted 3 is looking, unsurprisingly, to be another contender for best graphics on consoles!

2481d ago
Gamer30002481d ago

are we talking about gfx or FPS ??
bec ... they...are...not...the...same

and plz Rage is far from best gfx with all the problem it have ...even on pc
60FPs is not helping the game at all

i would rather have uncharted 3/kz3/gow3
clean gfx(no problems at all) with 30FPS
RAGE broken gfx (pop in-screen tearing bad textures etc) with 60FPS
any day

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Yangus2481d ago

Looks better than Rage?

But very cool.
Visuals 1.,Rage.
2.,Uncharted 3.

Pixel_Enemy2481d ago

Hehe. Denial up in here ^

2481d ago
cpayne932481d ago

@nas1m calm down, no need to attack xbox, makes you a fanboy yourself. It may just be his incorrect opinion.

Oldman1002481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Somethings not right here.

Uncharted 2:

Uncharted 3 before:

Uncharted 3 after:

gillri2481d ago

just incredible. the polish, animation varied location ans the sand wil make this the best looking game ever

GTRrocker2481d ago

This is the only game that I am really looking forward to this year besides the new Ratchet and Clank. Ratchet and Clank is epic while high. I need a good game to play while high.

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The story is too old to be commented.