IncGamers Reviews Hellgate: London

IncGamers, the parent gaming site of the Unofficial Hellgate Site has done a review of Hellgate: London. While Stephen Macek perhaps is more impartial towards the game than the fansite they host, he still grades Hellgate: London as "Good".

"You can then pick up the items and use or sell them. That, in a nut shell, is what you will spend most of your time actively doing in Hellgate. Sound boring? Just see if you can stop. I mean, at 2 am , when your eyes are drying from staring at the computer screen you swore 3 hours ago you would only spend 5 more minutes staring at, just try to go to sleep. If you are like me (and I do not say this with pride) you will dream of the game when you finally do stop."

7.5 out of 10.
"[Hellgate] is a hack-n-slash, loot-gathering extravaganza... I just wish it was less buggy!"

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Rooted_Dust3991d ago

Good review, and he's got a good point. You can lob complaints about the game all you want, but just try not to get sucked into the the pure Diablo-esq nostalgia of hack/slash item gathering, because you'll never want to stop.

Leord3991d ago

Its hyper-addictive tbh. I really like the game, but I do realise that it isn't really worth more than some 7/10 or so, because the game wasn't really finished at release. I am very disapointed in Flagship, who might have alienated a lot of players because of this, but things like this happens sometimes.

Oh well! Back to Mind of 314!