Official "Squad management" FAQ detailed in Battlelog

"Since the Open BETA we’ve added more advanced functionality to manage your squad. You will be able to browse and join specific squads through the squad screen. You can see all players that are in a specific squad as well as who’s playing as lone wolf. As a squad leader you can set your squad to private as well as kick players from the squad.

On console you will also be able to choose if you want the active VoIP channel to be team or squad and invite friends to your squad. You will also be able to mute any player on your team through the scoreboard."

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Septic2506d ago

Those are some great squad management options.

Countless times in the beta I'm standing behind a team mate in desparate need for ammo or health and the lack of commo-rose was torture.

Oh and for all the team mates that shine torches in my face- you deserve to get shot in the face, point black, several times, by a double barrelled shotgun.

wallis_esg2506d ago

Great to see, frustrating when you want to be in "friend only" squad so you make a push and communicate better and cant.

Fil1012505d ago

In all the honesty "other bugs aside" this is the most anhoying not being able to play with or even speak to my buddys this feature alone could and probably will change a game especially with a killer squad you know a squad that actually goes for the objective instead of sitting bk not pushing forword, it's funny but most of the time you can tell who's a cod player

soundslike2504d ago

its going to be great

sucks for the noobs though lol

i bet thats why it wasn't like this in BC2: they wanted good people to carry the bad ones

HardBoiE2505d ago

I am not suprised. This does not even seem like news to me, I knew they would not suicide there entire company, I know DICE have my back. This game will be better than everyone expects no doubt and you will all be so sorry you flamed on them for so long. You naughtly evil little gamers, and by little I mean immature, and by immature, I mean trolls with out patience, wait I mean all these at once. You know who you are. Your the ones that will down vote this post while QQing in another ♥

soundslike2504d ago


Of course USEFUL positive info like this gets buried once the N4G hivemind decides to start hating on a game they know nothing about.

it really is pathetic...

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