RAGE - Secret Developer Graffiti Room Location - DEV GRAFFITI

when you reach the room that contains several tall stills search for a ladder leading down to a recessed area of the floor climb down to this low area and follow the path around the base of the still at the end of the path is a mattress interact with the valve just above the mattress this opens the door to the developer room go back up the stairs and look to your right you see the door open half way crouch and enter the dev room to get your trophy/achievement

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majiebeast2361d ago

So anyone know in what secret room they hid the great textures as seen in trailers?

Chnswdchldrn2361d ago least they took the time to make sure textures were good enough in that room so you could actually read what the hell was on the walls...unlike 90 percent of the other environment in the game

doggg2361d ago

yeah i agree the texture when you move is horrible

roadtrucker2361d ago

thanks for this guide i really needed it