Microsoft to Launch Universal Gaming Portal in 2012

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 brand has proven a strong competitor in the videogames market despite facing great competition. Now it seems that the platform holder is getting ready to utilise this success to leverage its products in other markets, with a universal gaming portal expected to rival OnLive upon its launch in 2012.

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fluffydelusions2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

This whole article is a pile of speculation. I doubt 360 games would be available on WP7 or Windows 8 outside of certain arcade titles otherwise what purpose would xbox 360 even serve?

StayStatic2507d ago

Same purpose as it does now , not everyone has a PC and not everyone has an xbox etc.

Iroquois_Pliskin2506d ago

i would rather support Microsoft than Online

Autodidactdystopia2506d ago

Good luck getting me to even consider switching to window 8 that broken wannabe touch phone CRAP OS I really don't think ill ever want to switch to a phone form OS from my PC, MS must be losing their minds or trying to get a piece of apples pie. Get it :)

even with 360 titles unlocked and playable on PC I hate windows 8!

and yes i know it will be kind of optional but i don't want it.

darthv722506d ago

I can see them doing this because they want to build up their phone presence and to do that they need quality apps and games. Lord knows they dont have a dedicated portable platform like sony and nintendo.

As for each their own.

Autodidactdystopia2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Woops misspelled windows 8

I just dont like it because its not windows its a Phone/touch interface. Under the hood though; it is no different than windows 7. Im looking at it objectively, what I see is them trying to make more money in an already heavily saturated tablet os market whilst not improving anything involving the os and alienating the windows userbase in favor of a much less powerful yet streamlined approach to a gui. Makes me mad is all.

If you wanna know what im talking about.

read the comments my opinion isn't really off base

darthv722506d ago

I hate to say it but look around. It's a touch happy world (figuratively). For MS to stick to the same old same old is like nintendo sticking to cartridges in an optical generation. Look what happened to them when that happened.

MS may be wanting to move on with the times and for that you can blame Apple and their IOS for giving others the ideas of making apps and getting all "touchy, feely".

The simplicty of the interface doesnt mean it is detracting from the useability of the software. The days of having a pocket protector and goofy glasses to understand how a pc works is long over. We are all moving towards a simple anyone can use it type of world.

Dont get stuck in the past.

Soldierone2506d ago


Windows 7 is selling and getting high reviews, why should the formula have to change? Last time I posted exactly what Auto is complaining about, its a touch based OS FOR COMPUTERS. If its for Tablets all the power to them, but I don't own a tablet for a reason. Responses to that? "You can turn it off and make it look like Windows 7" Then why the hell "upgrade?"

Cartridges don't work for consoles, yet it works perfectly for handhelds. Look at the DS and look how Sony ditched Discs and wet to a cartridge style with Vita...Its about playing your cards in the right game. MS's right game is computers. I hate Apple OS because it treats each user like they are complete idiots, why should MS follow suit when they are the LEADERS still? Don't go to Apples level, they need to innovate and treat PC users separately than tablet users.

They need to not forget Widows is for more advanced users, businesses, and gaming. The casual people will have tablets and Apple computers, and that isn't going to change. Its like saying tabets are going to phase out computers entirely, and honestly if that were to happen I'd give up on tech companies.

This cloud thing could be a terrific idea for PC, Xbox, and Windows phone users and I rather see them go on a route like this than to entice the casual tablet crowd.

subtenko2506d ago

Pretty much everyone has a PC..even people in some third world countries.. Chances are 99% of people who play videos games own a PC

More people have a PC than an xbox

darthv722506d ago

I get what you are saying. It's also easy to hate on something that challenges the norm. People can be frightened of change (generally speaking) so when something comes along to change what we have been doing for decades it is only obvious there will be criticism.

We could use motion gaming as a good example. Many swear they hate it because it goes against the way we have been controlling our virtual characters for 30+ years. That isnt to say we will be controlling them the same for the next 30+ years.

Somewhere there has to be an entry point for things to change. The evolution of the controller went from 1 button to 10-12+ now it seems. Almost making playing a game that much harder to learn with remembering everything. If we look into the future we will see less complicated inputs and more freedom of control of the onscreen character.

The argument can be made that without buttons to press, how do you get the character to do what you want them to. I am not a developer. Im a gamer. I will leave how its done to those that make the games and I will just enjoy the fruits of their labor.

In this regard for MS and taking a tablet approach, there has been a huge surge of tablet use replacing business desktops. Productivity increasing from the use of the various apps and inputs not offered on a regular desktop. Even to the point of laptop/tablet integration.

You cant keep the same path forever if you intend to make changes that matter. Sony made a change and that change was entering the gaming market. Until then you had nintendo and sega and the various others here and there.

Were it not for sony to make a change then all of this wouldnt matter.

SignifiedSix2506d ago

Have you even tried Windows 8? Probably not. I did and it was great. Everything was faster and not to mention, you can switch it over to desktop mode, making it like windows 7. The only thing that would look like a touch interface, would be the start menu, which actually it worked pretty damn good with a mouse.

Autodidactdystopia2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Hey darth

i totally know where you are coming from. getting stuck in the past is not something I do.

I have many opinions about the simplicity revolution that is currently going on in our world today.
I have a personal belief that simplicity is directly proportional to the amount of things you can do with the software.
eliminating many of the options involved in complicated software packages subtracts directly from the amount of control you actually have over what you want to produce with your pc.

The cloud idea is almost definitely gonna take over, why? because it offers more control for the makers of pretty much everything to collect and share for profit everything you run through the cloud. including your habits and usage statistics. no longer will there be an option for any form of anonymity when using any of your software, everything will require connection to the cloud at some point even your OS. in my opinion windows 8 is the first step in that direction. and that direction is a bad one.

But boy will they sell it to you. online storage never have to backup your data. never lose data, be connected to your friends and family in an unheard of level.

the way i see it they are saying please don't read the fine print, we will keep your data forever and if you ask for it to be deleted we will still keep it and just delete your access to it, however we will collect all iniformation we see fit about you and your habits and decide if what you are doing is appropriate.
Be connected to friends and family and the police and the alphabet agencys who will also be collecting everything you do on line and on your personal devices but we wont tell you about that except in the Eula in .5 font size

please give up your privacy for the cloud and touch and love it, and if you like your privacy then your just a loon. Trust US. Join US. Its Cool. don't get stuck in the past.

at signified

yes I have. this is what i do. Im a techy desktop mode is an app. not a desktop. this system may be faster but it is also less useful.
like RAGE on PC. plus its an open preview if I hadn't tried it how could I take myself seriously to make an opinion?

MaxXAttaxX2506d ago

It ain't fear. I just don't know where the hell everything is by looking at that start screen.

Anon19742506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

360 games streaming to your Window7 phone? I'll believe it when I see it. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

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Letros2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

I don't think they will be playable as well, MS is just associating Xbox LIVE with PC in the same manner they did with WP7.

Although I would expect all XBLA games to be on all MS platforms when W8, and WP8 arrive.

Prophet-Gamer2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

As long as XBL isn't mandatory on Win8, everything will be fine cause trust me, first thing I'm doing if it's mandatory is finding a way to get rid of it.

That is, unless it's absolutely free and works perfect and allows me to play games that aren't on PC with better graphic. Otherwise, no thank you, I'll stick with Steam.

dragunrising2506d ago

@ Prophet-Gamer

You won't be able to uninstall XBL from Windows 8. Its baked into the OS; nothing to install. Windows 8 forces you to create a Windows Live ID- from that point on, it will be your user login. In other words it automatically sets you up to game on Windows (xbox live) if you so choose. You don't have to use XBL to play your games.

I don't imagine Microsoft will charge for online game play. It didn't work the first time they implemented it and it won't work in the future. The only reason they do so on xbox is: a. they can get away with it and b. the majority of game sales are still brick and mortar. With everything going digital (on PC) the profit sharing will be different. Microsoft doesn't have to sell the game to a middle man (Best Buy, Amazon, etc), they're able to sell it directly to the consumer. This should amount to increased profit for MS and anyone that sells anything on the MS store.

ATi_Elite2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Can't wait to play Red Dead Redemption on my PC in 1600p of course.

Windows 8 will allow just that.....ALL 360 games playable on a PC.

Onlive makes it's possible to play some console only titles on the PC right now and M$ gets ZERO money from that so to combat Onlive and make Profit M$ will offer up it's entire xbox360 library to PC Gamers through Windows 8 while the console division moves to Xbox720.

dantesparda2507d ago

"Onlive makes it's possible to play some console only titles on the PC right now "

Wait, what? what games are these?

blacktiger2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

you do not get it, Microsoft or the world has no choice! It's all about multiplatform, IF MS does it, they are beyond ahead of Playstation unless they react!

Trust me! They better do it before Iphone, Itouch, Ipad, and Itv and MAC becomes all one united family!
so far it's already there,

I'm a Playstation Fan boy, but imagine i get to install PC or console without any fear because it's all digital!

That's a true service for gamer!
PS3 or 360, i'll take go for that service.
Onlive needs little bit of time before it make sense!

Pedobear Rocks2506d ago

Playstation will react...There is a little company called 'steam' that might have something to say about streaming PlayStation games to PC...its coming.

There is no other reason for Gabe to do a complete 180 on Sony other than his service is going to be the backbone that drives Sony into a streaming service.

DeadlyFire2506d ago

I don't like the idea that the PC will get watered down X360 titles instead of PC HD builds of games. I know this would and will happen if this is true.

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frelyler2507d ago

Never happen, GWOL sucks ass and this article thinks they can make a quality portal for the PC. M$ wants you to buy their products and use them exclusively on the 360, why else would GOW2 and 3 not come to windows? Remember Alan Wake, it was supposed to be on windows but M$ cancelled it and the game had bad sales. Imagine if it was released on Windows as well, it may very well have done much better, but M$ is greedy and thinks consumers are stupid. That view unfortunately comes from people who are complacent to be ripped off and nickle and dimed to death.

Dlacy13g2507d ago

Correction... MS ideally just wants you to buy products that have their OS. Whether its phone, PC or the device using their OS and then software that has the MS license. It's the bread and butter of MS.

ATi_Elite2507d ago


some people do not understand that M$ is all about it's OS and everything it does is to move people towards Windows and that includes Xbox, phones, zune, windows TV, etc etc.. M$ is a software company first and foremost!

jacksons982506d ago

Exactly MS for the first time in a long long time is starting to see competition from others in the OS arena. Primarily Apple and Google, but also to a lesser extent Sony.
Everything MS is doing right now is too hold on to Windows.

KMCROC2507d ago

If they can deliver on this ,then i will buy everything that is needed to enjoy Microsoft Universal Gaming Portal. Come on MS make it happen.

caperjim2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

If i can play big name games on my pc with my xbox friends im all for it. PC graphic options are a must though.

I certainly can see this all happening. The consumer provides their own hardware while paying for access to xbox live and buying accessories. This is where console manufacturers make their money. Through services, games and peripherals.

Apolloeye2507d ago

Sounds like a similar concept to PlayStation certified devices, sounds quite good!

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