Batman: Arkham City review - 92% in brand new verdict

"Huge, exciting and beautiful," says new Play 3

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Tarantino_Life2420d ago

Very Nice! I cannot wait for this game!

jbiz3302420d ago

theres been some great games this year, cant wait to add this to the collection! Next year looks just as crazy, if not more..

Rampaged Death2420d ago

Really looking forward to this. An awesome Batman open world game sounds like the best thing ever.

blizzard_cool2420d ago

My greatest interest are the boss battles since I would gladly like to see how big are the improvements from the last game.

2420d ago
Voxelman2420d ago

God damn indeed, at least we are getting added features

ginsunuva2419d ago

Gamestop told me 11.11.11 but for some reason I don't believe that...

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