Squishy's Revenge (Android): GoozerNation

Mike Deneen from GoozerNation writes:

"Cute and destructive may be the best combination known to man. Whether it be Stitch from Lilo and Stitch or my adorable, but mischievous dog, these delightful creatures have given us a great amount of joy. A smile to our faces, not only due to their charming looks, but their cataclysmic nature as well.

Toy Studios, an up and coming mobile game developer, has captured such a concept in their new mobile game, Squishy’s Revenge. Here, we find our hero Squishy enjoying his squishberries when some unforeseen evil force takes them from him. Squishy then begins a quest of rampage, destruction, revenge to get back his precious fruits. While this ploy synapse has been used in many games (such as Angry Birds) its set up into the game is terribly delightful, and much more entwined with the game then others with the similar angle."

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