Review | Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad [Default Prime]

Default Prime reviewer Derek Sommer embarks on an uber-detailed World War II multiplayer FPS with the most realistic tank simulation that you'll ever see. But do the detail and realism translate into fun?

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Bonerboy2509d ago

What's up with this kid"s review? If he had any idea about what RO is about then he wouldn't be spending most of his review covering the single player side. This game is made for multiplayer, period. Just like it's predecessor, it's a MULTI PLAYER game through and through. It's pretty clear tripwire threw in the single player aspect just to get players in touch with basic controls. But of course this kid is too stupid to realize this.

Dumb-ass probably hasn't heard or played the stellar RO Ostfront. If he had he would also give it a shitty score due to the lack of a single-player campaign.

buckley2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

There are much more negative reviews out there, like Machinima: http://www.insidegamingdail...

And btw, 2.5 isn't a below-average review. If he thought he had an average experience, I'm sure glad he didn't pretend it was more.