BF3 beta - hot topics from user feedback

Product-Reviews writes: Here is a quick summary of some of the hottest complaints we saw over at the Battlefield 3 forums, which other issues do you think should be treated as a high-priority?

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gcolley2475d ago

not that many topics talked about but still good article. i nice positive and realistic take on the beta instead of the usual shoddy "journalism" just looking for hits.

Hazmat132475d ago

gorund bug, overpowered MK MOD sniper rifle, ghost glitch (i.e.when player dies body is still active invisable player only way to kill them is too got to there dead body on the floor and kill him)

thePatriot2475d ago

THE ONLY THING... I have hard time recognizing my team and the enemies. very often do I find myself and others shooting at one another. Thank god no friendly fire

KaBaW2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Hahah, imagine being in an actual firefight; the same would be bound to happen..
Though, I occasionally have a hard time distinguishing the two sides. But, rarely.
I'm not really sure what they could even do to help you out; not much, I'd say.
On Metro the only time I have problems with that is near Subway Terminal A.

Fil1012475d ago

lol caspian border beta is already completed = we pulled it from the pc servers due to pricks hacking it