Mass Effect: GamerTM Review Awards 9/10 - 'whole galaxy waiting to be explored'

All too often, games that try to encompass so many elements, genres and features as Mass Effect does fall flat on their arses from spreading themselves too thinly.

Here, though, BioWare proudly displays a mastery of its trade worthy of its reputation, giving us a massive and oddly personal sci-fi tale that is sure to keep you busy until Christmas if you try to attempt every task that comes your way. You'll want to, as well. It's just one of those games that devours your spare time and makes hours tick by in seconds. Clear your diaries, people.

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wil4hire4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

I find it amazing that every single review of this game points out the graphical failures of the engine. How the NPC's aren't up to par and clip through walls etc.

Yet all that is overlooked, because ME is a good game.

Other great games with great AI/Visuals/Gameplay are knocked because there is screen tearing, or a texture pop in.

toughNAME4015d ago

your just itching to use the conspiracy card aren't you?

wil4hire4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

There is no conspiracy. Read all of the Mass Effect reviews.

They all say the games engine cant keep up, pop-in is terrible. NPC's are borderline retarded. The voice animations are bland, the game is 12-15 hours. Yes there are additional side quests.-- "It's a shame when obvious technological constraints keep such a great experience from being flawless." -Gamespy

I'm not making any of this up.

I would only think there was a "conspiracy." if the same reasons that were marked against other titles on the same site, weren't marked against Mass Effect.

I think everyone knew that ME was AAAA+. The 8 from Eurogamer was a surprise though. They seem to be the only ones to mark ME down for the games problems.

To say a game with all of the problems that ME has is still 9+ because of the gameplay, why even have those factors in the score? Why not just have "Game: 9" not "sound/controls/graphics. / etc.

Real gamer 4 life4015d ago

No i can tell you as a american microsoft is known for conspiracy. Microsoft his known for monopolizing the competition, just aks apple. I have no doubt in ma mind that microsoft is writing checks out there. There known for this they are a dirty company, they have been charge for monopolizing the competition. And they are also copy cats, They see that a company is succesful with a produc so they try to release their own version of the product. They see that apples ipod is making good money so now they try and release the zune which flop hard and i am happyu that it did. I dont like microsoft If a american company would had released a system i hoped it would have been apple.

snoop_dizzle4015d ago

apple did, heard of the pippen? that didn't do that good.

but as for msoft yeah they are a monopoly business and they do have some interesting tactics.

Real gamer 4 life4015d ago

Due to microsoft past i understand why some people throw out the conspiracy card around. I dont balme them, microsoft is known for conspiracys.

MK_Red4015d ago

They gave 9/10 to Mario Galaxy. Not a bad score indeed.

wil4hire4015d ago

Do you think MG would get a great score w/all of the technical issues ME has?

I seriously doubt it.

MK_Red4015d ago

ME may have issues that may lower it's score but it also has merits and great positive elements and that make it a 11/10 game (Story and character design plus dialogue system is beyond revoltionary). So those 8/10 elements combined with 11/10 elements make it a 9/10 game. Not to mention that game is kinda ono-linear, has multiple endings and such so even with it's current flaws, ME gets a 10/10 in my book. 10/10 doesn't have to be flawless. It has to be 10/10 awesome and a work of art and if ME is above all a true masterpiece and great work of art.

ParaDise_LosT4015d ago

But it got a Great Score Because even with its Flaws the game is so highly Enjoyable people don't even give a rats ass.....

+ a SandBox-ish RPG is Bound to have alot of bugs especially if Its a long game...
Theres alot to keep track of and I don't think even the best Devs can kill of every single bug in a game as big as ME
Same with Assassin's Creed...and Even Oblivion...

Saying ME should score an 8.0(or lower) because of bugs is like saying Oblivion should score low because of bugs....
Stupid really....

MK_Red4015d ago

Bubbles for you :)
Great comment and examples (Oblivion and Assassins)
People say Assassins and ME deserve low scores because of bugs and keep posting vidoes of bugs in AC. Don;t they know that every game has it's share of bugs, specially open world ones? BioShock was a true masterpiece but had bad physics bugs. Those bugs are bad but that doesn't mean the game is bad.

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