Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 Update Partly Detailed. All standard cars will get an interior view

Kazunori Yamauchi gave some pleasing details today on his twitter account on what the Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 update will include.


Kazunori Yamauchi is continuing to give information. we're updating the post as he does. He seems not to be done yet too.

Second update: Yamauchi also specified what they have in store for DLCs

Third update: Post updated with release date (october the 11th) and official screenshots.

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kenpachi2543d ago

sweet he's adding mid race save feature for endurance races

farhad2k82543d ago

WOW! That's EPIC news!!
Might just be getting back in to GT this month then. ;)

2543d ago
hiredhelp2543d ago

Im thinking same thing. i wanted to do these endurance races. but very hard when you only have soo much time. So this very welcomed and the rest is a great bonus.
They reckon forza 4 is gonna be as good. Na not even close. when a racer can do as detailed tuning as GT and gives you that feeling of what you done on the road... Then maybe but nobody has done that yet not to the extream as PD.
best in the biz always will be i hope.

execution172543d ago

alright maybe I can finally actually try and do a 24hr race... same for that 9hr race >.>

MaxXAttaxX2543d ago

I've done a couple of 24hr endurance races since GT4 on the PS2. B-Spec, of course. I had places to go, lol.

This is good news, but I also expect haters to make a negative out of a positive like this.

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Crazyglues2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Wow! finally I wanted that so bad, I mean come on' i'm not a real race car driver I can't sit in-front of the computer for hours to do one race.

Things come up, I might have to go out, go to work, eat, sleep... ha..ha.. yeah but all jokes aside - yes this was much needed..

Sounds like a nice update finally.. -and Rewind Replays... EPIC!!!

-and having interior in standard cars, wow, huge - ford GT40 i'm looking at you - -always wanted to get inside that baby...

Then add the fact that the whole thing is Free... and now you have a real winner.. Awesome Job!


Number_132543d ago

Simplified interior view. Steering wheel, dash and gear stick. All of which will probably look identical in every standard car.
Rewind? Wow, revolutionary.

Spitfire_Riggz2543d ago

Now if only we could put rims on standard cars! I know they dont add HP or anything but still

Crazyglues2543d ago

@ Spitfire_Riggz

yeah I know what you mean, because when you got a car you like you want to customize it, make those rims look nice...


itchy182543d ago


Dude it's the reply that gets the rewind and fast forward

2543d ago
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Liquid_Ocelot2543d ago

Nürburgring 24hrs = 23 laps?
How hard can it be? :)

Bathyj2543d ago

Criers gonna cry.

We know rewind on replays doesnt sound like a big deal to you.

Why would it when on your game, you can rewind gameplay?

andibandit2542d ago

could you be more of a GT5 fanatic????

Whats that? faeces from the developers with every copy?!? Cant wait!!!

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kneon2543d ago

That's the only feature I've been waiting for, now I can finally finish the 9+ hour races.

n4gisatroll2543d ago

Forget the 9 hour race, what about 24 hour nurburgring? Lol

sikbeta2543d ago Show
JAMurida2543d ago

The ability to save during Endurances races or any long race at that is all I wanted. Going to be kinda hard to get back into GT5 though with Dark Souls about to come from Gamefly and me still play WKC 2 online... And trying to replay the Splinter Cell collection... I could go on......

andibandit2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

@ RBDrift
I wonder at what grade you dropped out of elementary school.

Prophet-Gamer2543d ago


This has gotta be the biggest update for a game I've ever seen.

2543d ago
RBdrift2543d ago

i wonder how much would have turn 10 charged for this type of update.

Maddens Raiders2543d ago

continue to only get better. Follow the leader. GRAN TURISMO 5®

Bathyj2543d ago

Oh, are you a fan? /s ;)

Spitfire_Riggz2543d ago

Sweet, 11 New Nascars as well! I cant wait to find out which tracks and cars are coming in the DLC!

MastaMold2543d ago

This is the only game that I never stop playing ever since it came out and with this update it just makes this game even better and it was already great, best racing sim this Gen but people can't accept that haters gonna hate

zeddy2543d ago

dont care about anything cept improved ai, if it is substantially improved i might just buy it back. it just wasnt fun winning every race with no challenge.

2543d ago
SoapShoes2543d ago

The AI isn't horrible and if you didn't find it fun winning every race they stop using an OVERPOWERED car. Use a stock one that's similar to the cars you are racing or one with lesser performance(if you're that good but doubtful). It's your choice whether you want a challenge or not and you obviously chose not to have one.

geddesmond2543d ago

If you want to win races with a challenge then please don't use high powered cars to race against the competition. Every race gives you information on the power of the cars you race against so pick a car simular in power. I swear if you posted that on GT Planet you would be laughed off the forums.

Also don't forget this game adds online events every week and some of them are near impossible to win unless you know how to tune cars properly.

Ilikegames762543d ago

The Ferrari F1 Seasonal Events is one of the harder challenges in the online events. I can't seem to win that race until I started tinkering around with the tuning setup of the car. It's still hard winning the race and make some mistakes and you're in last place all of a sudden. But if you win the races, the credits and experiences given out are huge.

Taz Yamauchi2543d ago

I really don't understand why everyone disagrees with zeddy, the slow ai was the major killer of this game, races were just boring, what the point of putting a 10 lap race when you can overtake all cars from behind in a matter of 3 corners without even putting a single upgrade or tuning your car.
When games like SHIFT 2 came out they were praised for their formidable AI that made you fight for position every lap, don't you guys want that in GT5.

GT5 is a racing game and if you watch motorspots you will know that gaining a position does not come easy and you feel really great when you are gaining one not just five being handed to you like that.
Some of us like to enjoy the single player without going online to look for a healthy competition so HARDER AI FTW

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showtimefolks2543d ago

New to support PD and this how you update your game with actual features gamers want for free. When is this update out? Any chance for a goty edition gt5?

SantistaUSA2543d ago

So you gonna buy another copy, just to support them? O.o Why not help someone that Is in need? Those guys are loaded!

showtimefolks2543d ago

So gonna buy it again to have fun and complete it this time around

Ilikegames762543d ago

The update is going to be released on October 11, this year, just to be clear.

TheHater2543d ago

Other company would probable release this update as a fully retail game and charge you $60. Looking at you Capcom and Turn-10 :)

xtremeimport2543d ago

Lets bitch about stuff the game doesnt have when it is released.
then, omg they add it, lets bitch about them adding it so much longer after release.

when will it be enough for the clowns out there?
thank you for making GT a even better game and giving its players reason to come back and play it.

50Terabytespersec2543d ago

No big news here:
How about removing blurry graphics and going back to prologue level of graphics?
That is what we need. What a flop GT5 I sold it and re bought prologue my eyes are for the better now!!

Gamer19822543d ago

This is great because people moaned they wanted GT5 so it was rushed out with lots of features missing and people once again moaned as it was lacking features. Even though it had a ton of features but since launch it has got a ton of free content that was planned for launch through patches something most devs don't do. This is the kind of development you only get from devs like Criterion Turn 10 would never do this for free. Purely because they would rather pump a new game out the year after AND MS wouldn't let them. So PD deserve a big thankyou for still supporting early buyers. I sold my GT5 a long time ago but may buy a new copy now its platinum.

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shikamaroooo2543d ago

All standard cars interior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! Epic

shikamaroooo2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

10. Expanded Photo travel features / You can now take photo’s of cars together with your avatar...

11. Added a “NASCAR Pit Scene” stage to Photo Travel /

12. Added eleven 2011 model NASCAR cars...

13. Added the Nissan GT-R N24 Shulze Motor Sport, /

14. Improved physics and AI...

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geddesmond2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Gives me a reason to go back and pump another 300 hours into the game. The only races I havn't finished was those endurance races because 24 hours non stop is crazy but the save feature will finally get me those golds. Hope the DLC is good too.

Also this is the thing I love about Sony games. Even after release Sony strive to fix issues people had with one of their games and only a few companies do this.

jizzyjones2543d ago

Cooooooooooooooool im guessing the interiors simular to PSP version. Improves UI/save during endurance races are very welcome aswell. Bring on the DLC tracks n cars!