Ninja Gaiden 3 devs “looked at Kinect”, decided Move worked better

Team Ninja’s Peter Garza reveals that Kinect support was considered for Ninja Gaiden 3, but that the team “couldn’t find a way” to make it work as well as the game’s “badass” PlayStation Move implementation.

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THC CELL2508d ago

Move is better with almost all hardcore games
skyrim should get updated

Tanir2507d ago

sky rim would be epicer (new word ftw!)

you would be way to tired though, ever play that gladiator game on Sports champion? yeah then you'd know how tired you can get haha, and ninja gaiden 3.....thats just gonna make you ripped haha

Prophet-Gamer2507d ago

Kinect can only work with very, very simple games and as a supplement to others. It cannot, and will never function as a true alternative control scheme because, unfortunately, it just doesn't work well enough. Now I'm not bashing Kinect or anything, but what I say is true. Sure, they could find a way to add some irrelevant Kinect feature like voice commands in ME3, but what's the point?

egidem2507d ago

Now that you mentioned it, I would be curious to see what Skyrim would be like when played with the PlayStation Move. I don't think that Kinect would be a good idea though. I tried playing Rise of the Nightmares and it just failed for me.

Objective2508d ago

Lazy dev, uncreative too.

Ultr2508d ago

there goes your bubble. look at the facts

Baka-akaB2508d ago

then be creative , explain to us how you'll pull a playable Ninja gaiden with Kinect , without turning it into that crap named Ninja Blade .

And please true gameplay features , no gimmick like fondling some breasts controller free :p .

Knushwood Butt2507d ago

You're telling us you passed on Fruit Ninja???

Baka-akaB2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

And you're telling me you wanna compare the intricate art of slicing fruit with one finger swipe touch or kinect , with that dumb game with no intricate or complex gameplay whatsoever named Ninja gaiden ?

What's next you're going to throw at me some kinect version of angry bird , if i debate about the possibilities of something like hitman or bioshock done properly with kinect ?

Again we havent see any great use for core action games , beyond optional features .

Maybe we will see it sometimes or like we already do , other kinds of games for maybe another public ... wich is ok too , just not for me .

Baka-akaB2507d ago

sorry then , some people actully think that seriously :p

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yesmynameissumo2508d ago

That MUST be it. I mean, after seeing how well Kinect works (or lack thereof) it should be no shock NG3 doesn't support it. And really, Move makes more sense with the game than Kinect. With these type of core titles, Kinect seems to work better as an enhancement rather than a full control method.

Army_of_Darkness2508d ago

Move is perfect for it! Kinect is better off sticking with fruit ninja;) or salad! I just thought of what I said lmao.

FunAndGun2507d ago

really did just lol.

bubs for the chuckle.

buddymagoo2508d ago

I think it's because the Move is just trying to do what the DualShock does, only in a more innovative way.

Baka-akaB2508d ago

yeah precisely , it's an alternative control accessories with normal, not a game changer ... wich is precisely why it should works fine with it .

With kinect you have to create something else , wich has yet to work with any core game , as a main control .
Maybe it will in the future , but it hasnt happen yet , with only rise of nightmare to show for so far , with mixed effects and feelings

Bathyj2508d ago

Well Der, Ninja Gaiden is an actual game with fast gameply.
What could Kinect do in it? Seriously. Navigate menus maybe.

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